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Signal Video Call Wins Fully Encrypted Grouped Video Chat

Signal Video Call Wins Fully Encrypted Grouped Video Chats

Signal Video Call: Signal’s instant messaging app has grown in popularity following the PRISM scandal exposed by ex-NSA analyst Edward Snowden. Since then, many have used it to exchange files, chat in writing, voice, or video, without running the risk of being monitored by a government. While only audio and video messages and calls were encrypted in the past, Signal gives its group calls the same protection and anonymization level.

Signal gets encrypted group calls.

Developed by the holding Signal Messenger, LLC, Signal’s secure instant messaging app has inherited an unexpected update that keeps getting talked about.

Signal Video call Wins Fully Encrypted Grouped Video Chats- mongersmint
signal video call

Indeed, through this update, its editor gives us a version that is still as interesting from the point of view of functionalities, but which nevertheless gains some major advantages. Especially at the security level, as evidenced by the version notes of the application.

The private messaging application now offers encryption end-to-end group calls. However, only iPhone and iPad are entitled to it for the moment. Android devices will receive the new feature in the coming weeks.

What does this level of security mean?

Encryption end-to-end or end-to-end allows, as its name suggests, to provide an increased level of security to your exchanges. End-to-end encrypted messages can only be seen and read by both parties.

Signal Wins Fully Encrypted Grouped Video Chats- mongersmint
signal video call
Thus, neither Signal nor Apple can access end-to-end encrypted messages. The same is confirmed with group calls, which inherit this functionality already present on a competing application, Telegram.

You have to update from the App Store to benefit from this new functionality.

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