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PS5 Cheats Guide:Getting Started With Your Console Now

PS5 Cheats Guide: Getting Started With Your Console Now: Sony’s new console has been one of the most desired since its premiere and, although many gamers have been able to enjoy it from day one, it still has several hidden tricks and functions waiting to be revealed. Here we compile a series of PS5 tricks so that you can enjoy the best experience with your new console.

The premiere of PlayStation 5 has not only been interesting because of the games with which it can be released or this list of games that are about to reach the PS5 catalog but also because of the experience it guarantees the player. After all, Sony has sought to develop an interface capable of meeting all gamers’ needs both with the absence of loading times, the haptic technology of DualSense, and its innovative interface. And, of course, the opportunity to take advantage of the PS Plus subscription with the PS Plus Collection and the gifts that are coming in the future.

It is a fact that the new Sony console has a wide variety of secrets inside it, and that is why today we are going to show you how to get the most out of it with some of the tricks that have gone more unnoticed. A series of tips that will help you enjoy the best user experience and, of course, your games in the new generation.

Getting started with your console: Transfer your data from PS4 to PS5.

One of the first steps, and not so unknown to new PlayStation 5 players, is the ability to transfer information from one console to another. If you already had a PS4 until now, you should know that you can take advantage of all the information to pass it to your new console. To do this, you need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi or LAN network.

Among the requirements to meet, in addition to the connection, is the need to have the PlayStation 4 updated and, of course, have the same PS Network account on both consoles. The best thing is that, if it is a process that you carry out since you start the console, the step by step will be facilitated instantly. What is included in this data transfer? All games, settings, and even preferences. Something crucial for those who do not hesitate when configuring their command or even some graphic details to always keep in mind.

Manage HDMI device connection

One of the most interesting factors of the console is that it allows us to manage and make changes to the devices that we have connected to the console. This can affect the devices that we have connected through the HDMI 2.1 cable. To perform this configuration, you have to follow these simple steps:

  • With the console on, go to “Settings.”
  • Then click on “HDMI.”
  • Select the option ” Enable link HDMI device.”

Here you can make a complete configuration of the connections to select if you want them to be turned on or off with the console.

Pair another DualSense controller with PS5

When we play with a friend, one of the points that can hurry us the most is the need to associate a second DualSense to PlayStation 5 to get the most out of your PS5. But what is the method to carry out this process as quickly as possible? Although playing with Bluetooth can be much more comfortable, the reality is that the fastest option is to do this process with a cable connection as soon as you plug it in, as soon as you can use it.

Join the game as a guest player

You already have your extra controller and are ready to play, but how can you join the game? The reality is that it is effortless since, once you have your associated remote, you have to press the central button. From that moment, a menu will appear to indicate which user we want to add as a guest to our game.

Ability to enable and disable game tabs

The new interface offers us all kinds of data about the games, including some information that, although it may be useful, can also be a real burden if it does not stop appearing. Fortunately, the same console offers us the option to disable these pop-up tabs of the interface.

Of course, it will not affect all games, but only that title that, whatever the reason, has ended up exhausting your patience. Plus, that can also ensure that navigating the menu is much more comfortable. But how can you do this setting in multiple games?

  • With your console already on, head over to your game library.
  • Then select the game in question.
  • Click on ” Stop following. “
  • From that moment on, all the information related to this game will disappear, and thus, with each one of the titles, you want to stop following.
  • In the case of a specific game, you will have to access the menu with the three dots and choose “Stop following.” 

The secret of activity cards for PS5 games, what are they for?

One of the points that most surprise players are the appearance of some activity cards. In these, we can see both our level of progress in the challenges that the game presents us, specifying how we have advanced in these and how much we have left to complete it.

While this may seem not very important, the reality is that in these cards, at the bottom, we can see details about whether it is possible to advance to that specific challenge or area automatically. In this way, if we enter without having the game loaded, we will not have to go through the menu or anything, but we will directly access that point of the game that interests us.

Steps to remove an icon from a game or application from the PS5 menu

You may have missed a game that you no longer want to enjoy or that an application has not won your interest as much as you really expected. Luckily, PlayStation 5 has the solution, and that is that it offers us the option to remove the icon of a game or application permanently. To be able to carry out this process, you have to:

Once in the menu, go to the icon of the game or application in question.

Click on it to install it.

Cancel the installation and, instantly, you will see how the icon is instantly removed from your menu. You may have been looking for a process, especially when you have tried to uninstall an app or game, and it has simply kept its icon present in the menu.

Check hours and game statistics.

One of the great novelties of PlayStation 5 is the possibility of consulting statistics and seeing the hours that a specific title has been played. Of course, much beyond the options that the menu presents itself. But how can we get to this option? It is straightforward.

As soon as you’ve turned on the console, head over to your profile tab.

Once inside, you will be able to see a series of details. Among them, the percentage of games.

Here you will find both the percentage of completion and statistics, markers, and even the number of trophies achieved.

Set game preference even before you start playing

Each player has their little quirks, even when we talk about playing or at what level to play. Although games usually offer us the option to choose the level and configuration, PlayStation 5 includes an exciting option. You can adjust your player profile to indicate your most defined options. Among these are options such as:

  • Difficulty level
  • Language preferences
  • Prioritize performance over resolution or vice versa
  • Type of camera that best suits our style of play

Of course, these options will not be compatible with all games, but it will automate the selection process in those games with it as a possible option.

Avoiding spoilers is already a reality.

Who doesn’t mind spoilers when we’re enjoying a game? Many of us want to know more about a title’s history, but not because others tell or share it, but because we really want to get to see it ourselves. Luckily, there is an option to avoid spoilers.

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Then go to ” Game Settings / Applications and Saved Data. “
  • Here select “ Spoiler notices.”
  • It is time to activate the option that best suits you.

Manage your trophies to gain space

If space is still a problem, no matter what console you are on, it is still time to manage your trophies. Although it does not seem like it, this can be a gain of space with proper management. But how can you carry it out? 

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Then click on ” Captures and transmissions. “
  • Here comes the moment to select if, when obtaining a trophy, we want a capture, a video, and even the duration.
  • Is it really worth having that trophy put away? It is time to value it for the sake of your console’s memory.

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