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Pikachu Jersey Japanese National Team Will Wear At The World Cup 2021

Japanese National Team Will Wear Pikachu Jersey At The World Cup

It will be almost irresistible for those who like Pokémon to cheer for Japan in this World Cup. That’s because the Japanese team announced that all official shirts, intended for fans, will have the image of Pikachu on the chest. The character of the series that became famous worldwide was chosen as the group’s mascot during the tournament.

According to those responsible for the initiative, the intention is to make people cheer more for the national team and identify with the sport, especially children.

Pikachu will be in the shirt of the Japanese national- mongersmint
Pikachu Jersey

On the price, the shirt will be sold for 7400 yen, equivalent to 162 reais. Also, hats, backpacks, and scarves with the Pikachu brand will be sold.

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