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Do You Like Dogs Or Cats More? 2021

Which One Do You Like Dogs Or Cats?

Dogs Or Cats: There is always someone crazy about dogs, thinks they are the best companies in the world, and does not give up keeping one at home. Others, however, say that cats are cleaner, more organized, and more affectionate than dogs. Anyway, everyone has the right to choose their pet, but researchers have found that people’s personality greatly influences this option.

In Waukesha, Wisconsin (USA), the study by Carroll University, conducted with more than 600 students, showed this clearly. According to the results collected by the interviews and applied questionnaires, personal traits are decisive when choosing the animal most compatible with each one. For example, those who are more outgoing showed to like dogs more (60%).

On the other hand, less communicative and more homely people said they like cats more (11%). The neutral portion of the interviewees (30%) stated that they did not have a preference between the two species.

According to the university and the curiosity factor, the study will make a major contribution to improving animal therapy techniques.

Do you like dogs or cats more?- mongersmint
Do you like dogs or cats more?

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