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Penas Ciudad Barrios: The Most Dangerous Prison In The World 2021

Penas Ciudad Barrios: Facing the prison system is not a good thing, wherever you are. The reaction of various types of crime is the prison, and depending on the severity, you spend more or less time behind bars, living in a limited and often hazardous place. There are several terrible stories in prisons, such as brutal murders or riots that result in multiple deaths. In Brazil, there are reports of Carandiru, one of the most severe prisons, where several deaths occurred. However, there are some worse ones, and among them the most dangerous world. Penas Ciudad Barrios is this prison.

The most dangerous prison of all is not in the United States, Brazil, or even North Korea. Penas Ciudad Barrios is located in El Salvador, Central America. This is considered one of the most violent places in the world. According to the United Nations (UN), El Salvador even surpasses Honduras in terms of homicides. To get a sense, from January to August 2015, the country recorded 4,246 homicides. This averages 17.5 per day. The number was 67% more when compared to the same period in 2014. That is why it has the most dangerous prison in the world.

Penas Ciudad Barrios

Penas Ciudad Barrios Prision- mongersmint
Penas Ciudad Barrios Prision

The prison was created to house and separate the Mara Salvatrucha gang (MS-13) from society. That’s because it was the most dangerous gang in the country. The case was so intense that even the police did not have the courage to stay inside the prison facilities. Full of arms and drug dealers, murderers, and members of other gangs, Penas Ciudad Barrios was built to house 800 prisoners.

Inside the Penas Ciudad Barrios Prision- mongersmint
Inside the Penas Ciudad Barrios Prision

However, today the place has a population of 2,500 prisoners. All of these inmates are administered by representatives of the mafia since the police are only in the vicinity of the place. The authorities avoid interfering with the prisoners’ internal problems.

Penas Ciudad Barrios Prision Prisioners- mongersmint
Penas Ciudad Barrios Prision Prisioners

The fear of this place is so great that the prison today functions as a small independent city. Penas Ciudad Barrios even has a bakery, hospital, workshops, and a rehabilitation center. The big problem, however, is that criminals are left with nothing to do all day. Some spend their time distracting themselves with games, others with sports, but they have too much downtime for the most part.

Penas Ciudad Barrios Prision Interior- mongersmint
Penas Ciudad Barrios Prision Interior

Some pictures of the prison’s interior cause extreme fear, and we can already imagine what it is like there. London photographer Adam Hinton took some of these photos in 2013, which soon became famous worldwide. He obtained authorization from the leaders of MS-13 to enter the place and make his clicks. According to him, the sensation inside the complex is of total abandonment, without any hope. It is as if the prisoners were left to their own devices.

Penas Ciudad Barrios- mongersmint
Penas Ciudad Barrios: Tattoos

Hinton also said that most prisoners had skin covered with tattoos, including their faces. Most of them symbolize the crimes they have already committed.

So, what did you think of this material? Have you ever wondered that what will be the everyday life of prisoners in that prison and how they survive there?

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