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Parents Recreate Movie Scenes With Baby

Parents With Baby Can Recreate Movie Scenes

Unlike most parents, who prefer something very traditional when putting together a baby album, Australians Leon Mackie and Lilly Lang decided to innovate and keep more “adventurous” memories of their son. The couple’s 10-month-old baby became the protagonist of incredible scenes that recreate famous films, such as Alien, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, among others.

According to the parents of the super cute baby (who can already be considered a great artist), the idea for the photos came up when they moved from Melbourne to Sydney and came across countless useless boxes. And it was with this extra cardboard that they made, as far as possible, the scenarios for the rehearsal.

The idea, moreover, took more solid form with the creation of the blog Cardboard Box Office, which the couple updates with super cute photos every week. See, in the gallery, some of the images published by the baby’s parents:

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