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How To Reduce Histamine Levels In Your Body 2021

Reduce Histamine

Reduce Histamine: If you sometimes feel cramps, itching, digestive discomfort, shortness of breath, or Headaches, it may be because your body has excess histamine by the type of diet or because our body does not eliminate it properly and in the necessary amounts. Histamine is an imidazole amine located in the brain and synthesized and released by neurons and used as a neuromodulator and already, outside the nervous system, as a mediator of physiological processes. Furthermore, histamine also regulates stomach functions and is involved in white blood cell chemotaxis.

A variety of activities makes this amine essential for our body’s proper functioning, being important to control its oscillations to stop the symptoms and the discomfort caused by its excess. In this article, we collect how to control histamine levels in the body, limiting its consumption and eliminating it easily.

How to know if we have an excess of histamine in the body?

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Histamine only causes problems if it appears more than our body does not tolerate it. Our body produces it and stores it in mast cells, activated in inflammatory and allergic processes. If the food you have eaten has histamine, its presence in the body can increase and cause health problems. The usual is that Reduce Histamine absorbed during digestion is eliminated through the intestine, but some people fail to do so with symptoms of what looks like an allergy.

If you do not have enough of the enzyme to eliminate histamine, you may have excess histamine in your body. If you feel bad just eating, then the discomfort may be associated with an excess of histamine. To make sure, it will also be advisable that you try to remove foods with histamine from your diet and see if the symptoms disappear. If so, you probably have a problem with Reduce Histamine intolerance and require that you go to a doctor to perform an analysis and control the discomfort.

Nutrition tips for histamine control in the body

To effect this control of histamine levels in the body, it is important to follow certain guidelines when planning your diet. Thus, on the list of foods that can be eaten are potatoes, vegetables, fruits, spices, cereals, and aromatic plants. Also, you should follow the following guidelines:

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1. Eat fresh food

Nutrition specialists recommend always opting for fresh foods as they contain much less histamine than frozen, pre-cooked, or reheated foods.

2. Do not commit excesses

It is important to avoid or moderate the consumption of canned fruits and vegetables, fermented products, alcoholic beverages, and industrial pastries.

3. Reduce or avoid the consumption of precooked

Precooked foods are one of the foods that contribute the most histamine to our diet. They have many additives, being very abundant histamine in canned fish, cured cheeses, and processed meat.

4. Not all fruits and vegetables are histamine free

It is the strawberries, a fruit, that can increase levels and produce reactions such as hives.

5. It is essential to stay hydrated

The amount of histamine in the tissues increases when we are not hydrated, being advisable to drink enough water to avoid its concentration.

6. Avoid eating some foods with other amines

You should avoid citrus fruits, plums, chocolate or ripe banana, rich in different amines, can interfere with the elimination of amines.

7. Try to introduce certain nutrients into your diet

There are nutrients like vitamin C, B6, and quercetin that histamine the release and favor its elimination.

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