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Is Soy Sauce Good Or Bad For Health? 2021

Soy Sauce Good Or Bad?

Soy Sauce: Qualifying a food as good or bad is never accurate because its effects on our body depend on multiple factors. With the soy and its derivatives, something curious happens. Some see this legume as a food that only provides benefits. Others point out that the considerable intake of soy may be related to certain types of cancer and nutritional deficiencies.

First of all, you have to be clear that they exist different types of sauces derived from soy and that many of the ones we find in supermarkets have little to do with salsa shoyu, the traditional Japanese soy sauce, which is made with natural soy (non-GMO) fermented, water, salt and wheat in a process lasting several months.

Many of the Chemical sauces do not come from the soybeans themselves but hydrolyzed flours. Also, they usually include in their composition colorants sweeteners such as corn syrup, malt extract, and even unhealthy substances such as monosodium glutamate.

Benefits of soy sauce

The advocates of soy sauce stand out. Among its benefits to consider the following:

  • Based on the grains of this legume, it contains some of its essential phytonutrients, such as isoflavones, powerful antioxidants that delay the aging of our cellular tissue.
Benefits of soy sauce- mongersmint
Benefits of soy sauce || Shutterstock

  • Being a fermented food contains beneficial microorganisms that take care of the intestinal flora.
  • Its carbohydrate content is low and, in fact, practically nil, so it is a sauce that provides a touch of flavor to many dishes without adding extra calories.
Soy sauce and its benefits- mongersmint
Soy sauce and its benefits || Shutterstock

  • Like the raw material from which it starts, the sauce is high in calcium, always a good aid for bones and joints.
Soy Sauce is high in calcium- mongersmint
Soy Sauce is high in calcium || Shutterstock

So what are the downsides of soy sauce?

However, detractors of soy sauce insist that:

  • Taken in excess may be related to prostate cancer’s appearance in men and breast cancer in women. It must be made clear that this statement has not been scientifically proven above all, considering that the normal consumption of this sauce is low since its intense flavor means that very little quantity is necessary to season the different dishes.
downsides of soy sauce- mongersmint
downsides of soy sauce || Shutterstock

  • Some experts advise against consuming soy sauce to those people with hypothyroidism.
  • Given your high salt content, it is true that if you are following a low sodium diet, it should not be taken or limit its intake to specific occasions. For this reason, it can sometimes be thought that a little moderate intake of soy in pregnancy can be harmful.
low salt diet- mongersmint
Soy sauce || Shutterstock

  • Some studies suggest that this sauce can make it difficult to absorb some minerals. What magnesium or iron if you take it regularly.

There are no scientific arguments confirmed to determine that soy sauce can be a health hazard, especially if we talk about normal and moderate consumption. If there are no allergy or medical contraindications that advise against it, enjoy it as an ingredient in Japanese cuisine or incorporate it into our salads and vegetables sporadically can be a delicious way to eat dishes varied with a very appetizing exotic touch.

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