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Huawei Without Google Empire? The US Wants To Tighten The Reins 2021

Huawei Without Google Empire: The US Will Definitely Make Some Restrictions

Huawei Without Google Empire: The US government should not withdraw from Huawei’s restrictions, even under President Biden. Early statements from government officials point to even tighter restrictions. Does that give the rest to struggling manufacturer Huawei?

Newly-elected US President Joe Biden held his first meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday. One of the topics was the Huawei ban. The smartphone maker has suffered from restrictions imposed by President Trump for about two years.

However, there is also not much hope for easing under the new US administration. The press agency. Reports that the Biden administration does not intend to repeal it until “intensive consultations and reviews” have taken place with US allies.

US President Biden: In Bund Against China’s Aggressive Economic Policy

The report of. Refers to the testimony of a senior official, Politics American government. According to this, the United States does not want to rush into the Huawei case. Until everything was verified, all restrictions would be maintained. This is also the opinion of US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, who commented on the subject last week.

President Biden himself believed that his predecessor’s strategy was not wrong. However, he should have relied on American allies to take action against China. They should now be contacted to develop a joint plan. Until then, everything will remain the same.

Huawei weaker than expected?

The statements by the US government are unlikely to raise any hopes for Huawei. The smartphone maker has apparently hit the restrictions harder than initially expected. Hardly anyone in the western market is interested in Android phones without the services of Google. Sell ​​the division smartphone is still out of the question for Huawei. The manufacturer has already made this clear.

Last year, according to Bloomberg, Huawei was still combative. A complete withdrawal was pronounced. It was supposed to harm the US semiconductor industry seriously, but it was never successful. Instead, the Chinese mobile phone giant is now searching for conciliatory words. A clear sign that things are not going well.

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