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How to lose fat from your face? A common question many men and women have in their minds, how to lose face fat? But before starting with the answer to your questions let’s first understand what is fat? Fat is basically stored energy that we use as an alternative source of energy when food becomes scarce. This part of the body comes under extra-cellular tissue which can be categorized into two major groups- White adipose tissues and Brown adipose tissue.

It’s the white adipose type that we should be worried about most. It literally starts accumulating from teenage. And there are two types here: Visceral (deep) – this one causes health problems such as heart disease and diabetes, Subcutaneous (under the skin) – The storage depot for excess calories we are consuming irregularly.

A simple rule to follow: How to lose fat from your face?

No matter how strong you are, where your muscles go the fat will follow. This is a simple rule of nature which we can’t deny no matter what myths you tell yourself to feel less guilty. To lose weight from the face or any other part of your body for that matter, there are certain diets & exercises to be followed religiously. But before moving on to these steps let’s understand the components required to lose face fat correctly:

How does metabolism speed up? Metabolism as many of us might not know is the process in our body through which food gets converted into energy but this process is not very effective in the case of obese people without sufficient daily exercise and proper diet intake. So if you have a dream of getting rid of extra pounds then you must first start working.

Advice for heart patients: If your doctor has issued a warning that you are suffering from high blood pressure/ any kind of heart disease, then it is highly recommended to either consult your doctor or go for a medical check-up before starting with a diet and exercise regime if done in the wrong manner might lead to serious consequences such as stroke, blindness, etc.

You should also avoid using heavy weights while lifting weights because that puts more stress on the arteries so take care while working out and if possible use lighter weights (you can ask an expert at the gym about the appropriate weight according to body weight).

How To Lose Fat From Your Face

Fruit Juice Diet

This is one of my favorite diets but is not recommended for everyone because it’s a short-term diet lasting only two or three days. It contains fruits juices and is very easy to prepare. Now the question is how does this help in losing weight? In simple words, Fruit Juice Diet works by boosting your metabolism power which helps in burning fat after getting converted into energy. But as I have already mentioned that this diet is not suitable for everyone so consult your doctor before going on a fruit juice diet to make sure that you are healthy enough to go with this plan.

Green tea

This can be called the most effective way of any kind of weight loss plan. There are several green tea benefits but without a doubt one of the major advantages of drinking green tea is its ability to boost up your metabolism. And if you are concerned about your skin then you should certainly drink green tea because it can protect your skin against free radicals and also improve overall tone and texture.

Taking bath in hot water

This is a very simple process of losing weight which we all do but without knowing its significance. Taking warm or hot baths helps in losing fat from the face as well other parts of the body. This actually means that a warm soak will increase blood flow and circulation thus increasing temperature around the area which has a thinner fat layer (face). In this way, heat can make fatty tissues softer so those areas where thin fat layers exist become targets for skincare applications such as creams to sink right into that area.

Drinking water

Water plays an extremely important role in weight loss. So if you want to shed off pounds then forget about diet and start drinking lots of water. 4 liters of water for a normal-weight individual will help you lose some pounds but if you are overweight then make it 6-8 liters according to your body size. You should also avoid sweetened beverages because they not only upset your internal system by throwing it out of balance, they also increase the craving for food and sugar thus making you eat more than required.


Exercise is an important factor that helps in losing weight so here are few exercises that can help burn calories and help you look younger without damaging any other parts of your skin.

Many exercises can help reduce weight from your face but for the sake of clarity, We are going to discuss only two such as facial toning and exercise at home.

Facial Toning:

Facial muscle toning is a great way to lose fat from the face. So if you have nothing else then follow some simple steps given below and tone your face muscles. This will not just improve the look of your face, it will also make you look younger than before. These easy steps must be performed every day to get rid of extra pounds from the skin around the eyes, cheeks, etc.

Just observe yourself in front of a mirror with closed eyes and gauge how many muscles on the face are moving when you smile so try to do that without actually smiling. This is your starting point or the basic level in toning the muscles so try and improve it slowly by doing facial exercises every day.

Exercise at home:

Here are some easy exercises that can help you lose weight around your face. These exercises are very effective in toning the muscles and also chiseling your facial appearance. Attempt to do these religiously every day for the best results.

1) Tilt your head downwards slightly as if you want to touch your chin with your forehead. Go ahead move it up and down slowly without actually touching the chin. Do this four times for each side of the face (left-right). For better results, one should try holding a lightweight ball or something like that which is enough to place a little pressure on the neck muscles. Holding such objects will make the process more effective because it will force extra effort from neck muscles when they are forced to support some weight.

2) Play Kung Fu moves: This is a very simple exercise in which one just needs to stretch and shake hands. The fist should be closed while stretching it out with the help of the index finger pointing straight forward. Shake hands slowly for around 20-30 times and then reverse the movement by closing the hand into a fist (do this with light weights). Do this four times for each hand. Another benefit of doing these Kung fu moves is that they will improve blood circulation around your face thus giving you better tone skin.

First of all, tune in to long-term weight loss – there is no sharp weight loss exclusively in the face – basically, the face dramatically loses weight with a general weight loss. Therefore, for the facial features to become more refined and the beginning to lose face weight, it is necessary to use a particular nutrition system (let’s call it the “facial diet”) and a complex for the skin of the skin face.

How To Lose Fat From Your Face-mongersmint
How To Lose Fat From Your Face?

Make it a rule to take care of your skin every day, and then the result will be stable and noticeable in a couple of weeks. In addition to slimming and slimming your face, you will prevent incipient wrinkles and skin imperfections. These processes arise due to dehydration and disruption of tropism (delivery of oxygen and nutrients) to the skin.

How to lose fat from your face effectively, must follow things:

  • we straighten our shoulders and back, because of the stoop, blood circulation in the collar zone is disturbed, and swelling of the face occurs;
  • remove the pillow from the bed, replacing it with a low thin pillow or an orthopedic structure under the neck area;
  • we give ourselves regular physical activity for the whole body and the face;
  • we observe a special diet;
  • we take care of the face with the help of cosmetics and massages.

How to lose face fat by facial diet

Instead, it is a nutritional system for losing weight and removing excess fluid from the upper body. As in any balanced nutrition system, with a face-slimming diet, fractional meals in small portions will be beneficial, of which we distinguish three main meals and three snacks between them. The last meal to lose facial weight should be no later than four hours before bedtime.

Sugar and salt should disappear from your diet – these substances retain excess fluid in the body and give the face puffiness. Fatty broths and meat, bacon, sweets and pastries, carbonated drinks should be removed from the diet. It is worth giving up strong coffee and tea – they give extra calories and fluid retention in the tissues.

In the diet, half or more of the products should be fruits, vegetables, and berries. They can be used both fresh: in salads, whole or in desserts, and cooked in dishes – pastries, stews, caviar, etc. Cook in vegetable oil, generously add herbs, and do not overuse pepper and salt. Due to fiber, the intestines are cleansed, the calorie content of dishes is reduced without losing their satiety, which means that the weight will gradually decrease.

It is essential to refuse any alcoholic beverages, especially wine and beer. In addition to their high-calorie content, they cause facial swelling in combination with toxicosis. This spoils the complexion and skin condition. To maintain skin tone and hydration, you need to drink a lot. An adult woman needs about two liters of fluid per day and even more on hot days. However, drinking coffee or black tea will not replace pure drinking water. But with a decoction of tea, it is excellent to tone up the skin of the face, and a coffee scrub allows you to get rid of dead epithelium.

While losing weight, it is necessary to drink pure spring or weakly mineral water. Sometimes you can drink herbal or green tea – it helps to reduce appetite. If you don’t know how to lose face fat by using masks and face massages, you are at the right place. It would help if you influenced the face in a complex way – from the inside and outside.

A face massage with a herbal infusion or sea salt solution has an excellent effect. It is carried out with a towel dipped in an infusion or solution with the help of patting – quite intense but not painful, at intervals of several seconds. This will improve blood circulation and tone the facial muscles. It is helpful to do such a massage every morning, and then the result will become quite noticeable. Nutritious masks are beneficial for skin tone, and these can be either purchased products or made by hand – from oatmeal, from cucumber juice and pulp, from strawberries, raspberries, according to the type of skin.

Also, it is necessary for the evening or in the afternoon in front of the mirror to do a series of exercises:

  • sing vowels by contracting the muscles of your mouth;
  • try to reach your nose with your lower lip, lifting your chin;
  • open your mouth wide and try to lick your lips with your tongue;
  • try to roll your lower lip without using your hands;
  • alternately pull in and puff out your cheeks on each side or both sides at the same time;
  • try to lower and raise the corners of the mouth as much as possible;
  • move your lower jaw left and right to the maximum;
  • stretch your lips with the proboscis as far as possible.

Very useful for the face, when applying the nourishing cream, pat massage with the pads of the fingers in the direction from the edges of the face to the nose.

The face is a very sensitive part of the body, and everyone wants a perfect face. The answer to the question of how to lose face fat? is clearly given in this article. Do read all the techniques, tips, and tricks carefully to flourish your beauty.

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