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Fitbit And NASA Team Up For COVID-19 Vigilance Among Astronauts And Critical Workers

Fitbit And NASA Team Up For COVID-19

Fitbit And NASA: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is working on a pilot program with Fitbit and Fitbit’s Ready for Work system for 1,000 space agency employees. According to a company’s declaration, the Ready for Work solution is part of an effort to help employees make informed decisions about getting to work on-site during the pandemic COVID-19. As part of this program, 1,000 employees of the NASA performing critical work at six locations across the United States will receive Fitbit Charge 4 devices and access Fitbit’s Ready for Work daily recording experience, the statement added.

The app’s daily recording feature allows users to record their symptoms and temperature, along with key rack health metrics, and receive summary COVID-19 guidance based on CDC guidance. The Fitbit Ready for Work daily recording feature allows users to observe key health metrics such as resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and heart rate variability, tracked by their Fitbit device.

Fitbit And NASA Team Up For COVID-19 Vigilance Among Astronauts And Critical Workers- mongersmint
Fitbit And NASA Team Up For COVID-19

Program ready for work. Image: Fitbit

Among the NASA-Fitbit project participants, there are 150 astronauts and space agency workers essential for future space missions, as part of NASA’s health stabilization program, Fitbit said. The program aims to mitigate the risk of becoming ill with an infectious disease transmitted to astronaut crews during the critical pre-flight period.

According to the company, the Fitbit pilot program’s goal is to help NASA and its employees prevent the spread of COVID-19 while supporting their health and well-being in general.

According to Amy McDonough, Managing Director and Managing Director of Fitbit Health Solutions at Google, the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the critical role Fitbits can play in helping people lead better lives with adequate sleep, eating habits, and, in general, take control of their health and well-being. ‘a better way for a healthier lifestyle.

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