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Swearing Too Much?

Swearing a problem or a Disease: Everyone, sometimes, ends up exaggerating in anger and, when the head is hot, there is a dirty word from those close. This is not very polite, but it is normal and, in certain situations, it is even understandable. On the other hand, some people do not need a specific reason to curse: every hour is time, and it becomes natural.

Although, in most cases, it is only a very bad habit of the person in question, there are (rare) cases where the compulsion for profanity can be a sign of a disease, called coprolalia or Tourette’s syndrome. According to the researchers, one in 2 thousand people, on average, are affected by this dysfunction. Of this total, 75% are men.

Swearing a problem or a Disease- mongersmint
Swearing a problem or a Disease

But, oddly enough, the syndrome was discovered in a woman. The first time she was diagnosed was in 1888, and her symptoms were cataloged by the French neurologist Gilles de la Tourette (who lent her name to the disease). According to reports, the doctor studied the coarse habits of a lady of the French nobility in the 19th century; and realized that all the “tics” and insults she said could not be normal or voluntary.

In fact, whoever presents coprolalia incorporates, in the middle of everyday conversations, inconvenient words or phrases, grunts, and groans with sexual connotations. Other inappropriate behaviors are still common to the syndrome, such as licking one’s hand or touching intimate organs in public, and all of this happens without the person noticing it.

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