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18 photos that shows the differences between Biden And Trump Oval Office

18 photos that show the differences between Biden and Trump Oval Office

After Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America, people are comparing the White House Oval Office’s appearance to when Donald Trump ruled the country. As you might expect, Biden’s and Trump’s Oval Office’s differences are like night and day.

And they send very different messages about the type of America Biden wants to build. Biden seems to be sending a message to all Americans that the people he admires come from different political spectrum parts and are all dedicated to building a perfect union.

Biden's and Trump's Oval Office Difference
Joe Biden has redecorated the Oval Office, and it’s been full of changes, big and small since Donald Trump was in office.

differences between Joe Biden and Donald Trump Oval Office- mongersmint

Biden's and Trump's Oval Office Difference
Ben Franklin has replaced Andrew Jackson.
President Biden has removed the Diet Coke button. When Trump pressed the button, a butler would quickly bring him Diet Coke on a silver platter. There are no more now.

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson were known to disagree on almost everything, but they were both patriots with the United States’ best interests in mind. César Chávez and Martin Luther King never held elected office, but they pushed leaders to act.

Therefore, it is unnecessary to always agree with everyone or be president, Congress member, or even locally elected to make a difference. It would help if you were a citizen.


Biden also replaced Andrew Jackson’s portrait with that of Ben Franklin. Trump has always identified with Jackson, who rose to the presidency thanks to the first wave of nativism and populism. However, Franklin was famous for his scientific tinkering, inventions, and helping to lay the foundation for the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

This seems to signify that Biden will trust science and work to preserve the Republic that Franklin helped build.

Biden's and Trump's Oval Office Difference
Trump displayed his “Challenge Coin” collection on the credenza.
Biden's and Trump's Oval Office Difference
Meanwhile, Biden instead decided to post photos of his family members and a bust of César Chávez.
Biden and Trump Oval Office Differences
Donald Trump’s old leather chair gets replace by Biden’s new one.
Biden's and Trump's Oval Office Difference
Instead, Biden chose the dark academia leather armchair that goes very well with the Resolute desk (which he kept).
Biden's and Trump's Oval Office Difference
Trump had busts of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr (the bust of Martin Luther King Jr was chosen by Obama during his presidency).
Biden's and Trump's Oval Office Difference
Opposite Biden, as he sits at his desk, are portraits of past presidents and Founding Fathers.
Donald Trump Office- mongersmint
Trump had installed military flags and a portrait of Andrew Jackson. Who was recently criticize for his role in slavery and the treatment of natives?
Biden and Trump Oval Office Difference- mongersmint
In the meantime, Biden withdrew the military flags and opted for Benjamin Franklin’s portrait, indicating his support for science.
Biden and Trump Oval Office Difference
The Biden Oval Office features a moonstone set on a shelf meant to remind Americans of previous generations’ ambition and accomplishments.

Biden and Trump Oval Office Difference

President Biden kept the Resolute desk, a gift from Queen Victoria to Rutherford B. Hayes. The Resolute Desk is made from the wood of the British ship HMS Resolute. Since then, all of the presidents have used the office somewhere in the White House except Johnson, Ford, and Nixon. Carter returned it to the Oval Office.


Biden and Trump Oval Office Difference- mongersmint
The Biden Oval Office includes busts of Martin Luther King Jr, Robert Kennedy, César Chávez, Rosa Parks, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

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