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Crazy Inventor Creates Mutant Flamethrower 2021

An Inventor Creates Mutant Flamethrower

Mutant Flamethrower: And the most insane inventor on the internet returns to “attack.” After reproducing Wolverine’s claws and finding a way to walk on the roof, Colin Furze has now invented a mutant flamethrower in honor of Pyro, another X-Men character.

To bring the explosive experience to life, the inventor developed special containers. Embedded in a backpack, they served to store and emit large quantities of propane gas. Tubes were connected in this apparatus, and everything was connected to a trigger on his right wrist, responsible for propagating the flames as the movement took place. He attached a special type of lighter to light the fuel, also connected by his wrists’ movement.

The result, of course, was a fantastic and super dangerous flame explosion as well. His contraption, in the end, was able to emit fire from up to 4 meters away!

See the result in the video below and remember: NEVER REPEAT THIS AT HOME!

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