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Coca Cola Will Put Its Biodegradable Bottle To The Test In 2021

Coca Cola Will Put Its Biodegradable Bottle

Coca Cola Puts Its Biodegradable Botte Test:  Moving away from single-use plastic is no easy task. In recent years, various regulations around the world have started to restrict or ban its use directly. The European Union or the Chinese plan is an example. So after the advent of plastic straws, the next step seems to be the end of plastic bottles. Coca Cola will be experimenting with a paper from this summer.

As announced by the company, they have a biodegradable bottle prototype that will be released in the coming months. Through the limited sale of a local Hungarian drink, they hope to see the viability of using a paper bottle to sell their drinks.

The plan to end the plastic bottle

Sell drinks in paper containers. It’s actually something familiar. You can see it in juice or milk in a tetra-brick. However, carbonated drinks require more particular treatment, hence the effort to make this “paper bottle” of Coca-Cola.

The new Coca-Cola paper bottle actually it is neither entirely paper nor entirely Coca Cola. Developed in collaboration with The Paper Bottle Company, this bottle is made from easily recyclable materials like paper. If this is entirely true and feasible, it will be known after the test of the prototype in Hungary, where they will sell a few thousand units with the drink AdeZ.

The bottle has a biodegradable material similar to cardboard that acts as a wrapper to keep liquids inside and protect them from the outside. To avoid fluid wear, it is covered with recyclable plastic, which is the same which is also used on the bottle cap.

Coca Cola emphasizes that this is a pilot test. Depending on how the bottle reacts to the real world and how consumers receive it, they’ll adapt the idea along the way. Simply put, it’s not the final bottle we’ll see in all Coca-Cola drinks. It’s not even clear if this is the solution to ending plastic bottles.

Either way, given that Coca Cola is one of the world’s largest distributors, it is certainly worth taking this step. Plastic is one of the biggest problems in our ecosystem, so much so that it “even rains plastic.” Other solutions to end it has also appeared in logistics, and some seek to recycle it directly, much faster through the use of enzymes.

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