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Can A Apple Seed Really Kill You?

Does Apple Seed Is Dangerous?

Although many sites say that yes, the reality is that no, this rumour arose because the apple seed contains cyanogenic glycosides, substances that protect the apple and are capable of releasing hydrocyanic acid through hydrolysis reactions. That is, the seeds are capable of producing in your organism CYANIDE (CN-). A substance that is highly harmful to humans.

What is cyanide? How does it work, and how does it work?

Cyanide is a common chemical widely known as one of the deadliest poisons. Many of the compounds that contain it, called Cyanogenic glycosides. These compounds are found naturally, present above all in many fruit seeds. And amygdalin is one of these compounds.

Like other fruit seeds, Apple seeds have a solid outer layer characterized by resistance to different digestive juices. But when the seeds are chewed, amygdalin is released into the body, and it could produce cyanide.

In recent years, the consumption of apple seeds has become a popular option, mainly because, in small quantities. The seeds can be eliminated without causing problems in our bodies. However, consuming them in high amounts can be dangerous.

But according to experts, even if someone managed to eat 40 apple seeds, the amount that some sites say could be fatal, that person would have a small amount of cyanide in his body, only able to make him feel terrible, but it would never be fatal.

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Other benefits of Apple Seed for health

The Apple Seed also contains amygdalin, also called Vitamin B17. A glucoside directly affects the well-being and stability of the metabolism. The function of amygdalin is that when it is crushed or chewed, it turns into hydrogen cyanide. That in large quantities it can be a poison.

However, the amount of amygdalin and therefore cyanide in apple seeds is so small that we should eat about 20 kilos for it to be harmful. The seeds of other popular fruits such as apricots, watermelons or grapes also contain amygdalin.

Among the multiple benefits of the Apple Seed is that of being great allies for the health of our skin. Apple seed oil, among other functions, stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin. Making it feel little by little smoother and shinier. Apple seeds also help eliminate acne from oilier skin thanks to the antioxidant properties that clean from the inside and soften the outside.

Apples in general and their seeds, in particular, contain a large number of antioxidants that also act to prevent chronic diseases. Apple seeds contain flavonoids, a compound found in many plants, which helps them protect themselves and adapt to their environment. This compound is beneficial for our mental and emotional health.

A study by the British Mind Association recommends that we pay attention to what foods we eat as they are related to our mood and our neuronal activity. In this same study, we found apples at the top of foods that improve neuronal connections and help prevent wear and tear.

The seeds of apples also help in the most popular benefit of consuming the forbidden fruit, improving intestinal transit and digestion due to its high fibre content, water and sugars of rapid absorption. The flavonoid element also acts in this function since It protects us from the action of oxidizers and prevents the increase in cholesterol.

Therefore, it is clear that a little seed will not kill you or make you sick. But if you are not willing to experience nausea, vomiting, and other poisoning symptoms, it is best to avoid the harmful substances in large quantities.

Recalling that the apple itself, besides being extremely tasty and healthy, does not cause any harm to the human body.

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