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Book Adaptation Movies To Watch Throughout 2021

Book Adaptation Movies To Watch Throughout 2021

Although the uncertainty continues to reign in everything that surrounds the next releases of films, it seems that their flow will be normalizing as the new year progresses. A few months of margin that we can well use to go to the original works on which the alternatives that we propose today are based. Five adaptations of books taken to the cinema that we will have the opportunity to witness in 2021 and that, in the absence of such important details as the specific dates of issue or the recommendation by age, we can read as a family until they see the light on the big screen.

1. Death on the Nile

Expected release date: September 2021.

Based on the book of Christie Agatha from the 1930s, it already had a film version in 1978 that, in fact, was well received by the public and critics, garnering several awards, including an Oscar for best costume design. As in its day, it arrives a few years after the corresponding premiere of Murder on the Orient Express, acting as a sequel to said production. This time, the detective Hercules Poirot will be immersed in investigating a mysterious murder aboard a river cruise on the Nile, a haunting main plot with the spectacular architectural jewels of Ancient Egypt as a backdrop.

2. Dune

Expected release date: October 2021.

1965 novel that, after being adopted by David lynch In the mid-eighties, it returned to the big screen in 2021, this time by Denis Villeneuve’s hand. And, given the economic failure of its predecessor, considered a cult work for some and a disjointed and inaccessible film for most, the great unknown is whether this new attempt will manage to immerse the majority of viewers in history. By the way, which focuses on a fictional planet named Arrakis, where water is the most coveted good due to the extreme prevailing drought, and in the figure of a young man destined to lead its inhabitants towards a brighter future. This is also a great one in the list of  Book Adaptation Movies you must watch in 2021.

3. Cruella

Expected release date: May 2021.

After the 1961 animation classic, inspired by the children’s book published shortly before by Dodie Smith, the 1996 remake and its lesser-known 2000 sequel, this spin-off from 101 Dalmatians focused on the figure of Cruella de Vil. A throwback to the dark origins of the evil designer, played by Emma Stone, searching for the reasons that will lead her to be characterized by her extreme cruelty towards animals and her obsession with their skins. Firm candidate to be one of the book adaptation movies, in this case, focused on a time before the original issue, the highest-grossing of the year. Another one in the list of book adaptation movies to watch in 2021.

4. Chaos Walking

Expected release date: March 2021.

The original work, The Knife of Never Letting Go, is the first part of the novel trilogy Chaos Walking, from Patrick Ness. Also, the author of the written publication of A monster comes to see me. Another bet on science fiction aims to fill the void of sagas such as The Hunger Games or Divergent. The story happens on the planet New World, ravaged by a virus that has unleashed madness among the inhabitants after almost totally eradicating the female population. An unexpected discovery of the protagonist starts a race to uncover the true causes of the catastrophe years ago.

5. The woman at the window

This is another one in the list of Book Adaptation Movies to watch in 2021.

Expected release date: pending confirmation.

A proposal full of intrigue and suspense rescues the story of the eponymous book written by AJ Finn, whose main character played by Amy Adams, Dr. Anna Fox, fights against her agoraphobia while trying to clarify the causes that have led to the disappearance of her neighbor. After having postponed its release multiple times since 2019, it looks like it will finally arrive via Netflix, and not the big screen, for the next several months.

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