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BEST DRONE FOR CHILDREN: Drones have been popular for several years. You only have to go to major tourist sites to observe these flying machines capturing images seen from the sky. Great revolution for photo and video enthusiasts who can now achieve an exceptional image capture level by having points of view that were not accessible to them before. The above captations were formerly reserved for professionals equipped with precursor devices or helicopters.

But be aware that drones aren’t just for adults. Being able to observe the world from above through your phone is like a superpower! Doubling your point of view is a feat technology which amazes all the children of the world. And this is understandable. Who has never dreamed of being a bird?

If you want to give your children a very nice gift by opting for a drone, we give you some keys to help you with your choice. Follow the leader!


These drones are often very small and are therefore called “mini-drones.” Designed for children, they do not have a camera and, above all, allow you to have fun with a quality flying object. Indeed, the distances covered are rather short, up to 30 to 50 meters approximately. This is sufficient for children between 5 and 10 years old, for example. Their flight time is around ten minutes. They are perfect for flying indoors and occasionally getting out into the garden. But since they are small and light drones, beware of wind and bad weather in general!

Plan a budget between 30 € and 60 € for this type of gear.

DRONES WITH CAMERA: for those who dream of knowing how to fly

Drones with a camera are, of course, the funniest because it is possible to observe what the camera is filming or taking pictures from the phone in mid-flight. It may also be possible to save the images for later viewing from your computer. It is a great gift if your children are sensitive to photos, for example. Generally having a range of around a hundred meters, these drones are more intended for outdoor flights. But they are still drones designed for children, so the quality is not always flawless, so you have to take care of them.

Allow a budget of around 60 € -100 € depending on the characteristics of the drone.

DRONES FOR TEENAGERS: for budding artists

Better quality, we will choose, for your teenagers, a little more upscale drones. Better camera (HD see 4K depending on the model), longer flight time (between 15 and 20 mins), and larger size to withstand outdoor environments. These are beautiful objects that are sometimes worth the purchase of a classic camera.

You will have the choice between very different models. You can even opt for a professional or semi-professional drone. The price range varies between 60 € and 500 € depending on the characteristics and the desired quality.


If you want to acquire a drone yourself, know that multiple brands exist. To choose the best drone, look at the features that interest you the most. Is it the quality of the camera? Flight time? If you are more of an adventurer, for example, we advise you to opt for a compact drone that you can take with you everywhere. If it’s racing that interests you, of course, opt for a fast drone!

Anyway, the drone still has a bright future ahead of it; and while waiting to be able to fly, let’s track down the most beautiful landscapes from the sky!

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