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Best DisneyPixar Movies Released In 2015

Best DisneyPixar Movies List

Best DisneyPixar Movies Released In 2015: Everything it touches, DisneyPixar turns to gold, and we always want to know news about their new productions. Until 2015 they have already won 11 Oscars so much for its lengthsFinding Nemo, Wall-E, or Up) as for his wonderful short films. Many of us consider that they create authentic jewels in animated cinema. Well, after the 2014 drought, in 2015, they released two movies from great cinematic moments.

1. Inside Out

The first one is Reverse (Inside out). Directed by Pete Docter (“Monsters, SA,” “Up”), it will lead us to the most extraordinary place of all: inside the mind.

It tells Riley’s story, who is forced to leave his life behind in the American Midwest because his father finds a new job in San Francisco. Like all of us, Riley is guided by her emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Anger, and Sadness. Emotions live in HQ, Riley’s mind control center, where they help her overcome everyday life problems. As Riley and her emotions struggle to adjust to a new life in San Francisco, the confusion seizes Headquarters. Although Joy, Riley’s most important emotion, tries to maintain a positive attitude, the conflict of emotions. It arises from dealing with a new city, a new house, and a new school.


Further, Inside out is accompanied by a wonderful new short, Wash. Inspired by the beauty of the isolated tropical islands and ocean volcanoes’ explosive attraction is a musical based on a love story that takes place millions of years ago.

3. The good dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur (The Good Dinosaur) was directed by Bob Peterson (co-director of Up and actor who has voiced multiple Pixar characters). The Good Dinosaur tells Arlo’s story, an Apatosaurus with a big heart embarking on an extraordinary journey, gaining an unexpected companion along the way: a human child. The film asks us what would have happened if the asteroid that changed life forever on Earth had not made the dinosaurs disappear. An extraordinary journey of self-discovery filled with exciting adventures, hilarious characters, and a heartwarming relationship.

Best DisneyPixar Movies Released In 2015- mongersmint

4. Finding Dory

In 2016 the wonderful Finding Nemo sequel was presented, and this time, the protagonist is none other than the adorable dory, the blue surgeonfish who gave us great moments while accompanying Marlin in the search for his son, Nemo.

Best DisneyPixar Movies Released In 2015- mongersmint

The forgetful Dory rejoined the voice (in its original version) of Ellen Degeneres and was directed by Andrew Stanton, the director, and Pixar veteran, who returns to take the extraordinary underwater world of the original movie. According to Stanton, Finding Dory takes place a year after the first film and features Marlin, Nemo, and the Fishbowl Band, among others, and new characters that will become an essential part of Dory’s life. The story takes place on the coast of California, and in it, Dory will meet all her loved ones, and you will learn a few things about the meaning of family. One of the nice animated DisneyPixar Movies to watch with family.

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