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Apple Mac M1 Are A Hit: Mac Sales Explode Worldwide

The year 2020 was marked above all by the strong progression of the SARS-CoV-2 virus throughout the world. Paralyzing countries and their economies. Including factories, against the backdrop of the coronavirus health crisis. Fortunately, giants such as Apple have been able to do well. And the results speak for themselves. Indeed, Apple has increased its Mac activity by 50% over a year. Its turnover and its positioning in the ranking of the largest computer sellers have taken a sharp hit.

Apple confirms its good health.

Never before has Apple displayed such commercial health. Firm on the software level, untouchable in terms of derivative and connected products, unbeatable in the iPhone market and now indestructible in the Mac market, everything the Apple touches at the moment is turning to gold, or almost.

Apple Mac M1 Are A Hit: Mac Sales Explode Worldwide- mongersmint
Apple Mac M1

And the results are there to prove it. According to data collected by analysts at Goldman Sachs, Apple would have sold more than 6 million Macs in the third quarter of its fiscal year. This would represent 50% more sales than last year at the same period.

Sales which hoist the American giant to the fourth place of the biggest sellers of computers in the world. Just behind Lenovo, Dell, HP and Asus.

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How did Apple achieve this feat?

It was literally a sleight of hand that Apple played. In particular by formalizing a new processor, the Apple Mac M1, whose performance gives severe headaches to Intel engineers.

These Mac M1s are so powerful and balanced that they come to clash and beat the Core i9s of the US foundry. And it is this gain in power without exploding prices, which, precisely, attracts consumers.

Apple Mac M1 Are A Hit: Mac Sales Explode Worldwide- mongersmint
Apple MAc M1

Mostly models such as the Mac Mini M1 and the MacBook Air M1. Both very popular and the best selling of this end of the year.

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