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Best Affiliate Marketing Guide And Top10 Affiliate Programs

Through this affiliate marketing guide, know the basics and the tricks to rise to the top. Although affiliate marketing is also done with other formulas different from a page (for example, by email marketing), it is generally better known as a system by which a website is monetized.

It is a way to make money for anyone who owns a website of any kind (blog, website, forum).

Key features and requirements for affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Guide: The importance of the link


In this system, the link plays a fundamental role because, in addition to directing traffic, it has a code which allows us to trace the visits to know:

  • Which website or campaign does this visit come from
  • If you make the purchase or the desired action
  • When it’s done

We will see later that the timing of this action is also important.

Who is involved in affiliate systems?



They are the owners or webmasters of websites that allow the hosting of ads in their space in exchange for commissions. To be affiliated, you must have a website with hosting and a domain name, and one of the best options would be to do so with WordPress.org to install the advertising function via a free plugin.

Affiliate platforms

There are times when this figure exists, and others when it does not exist. They are intermediaries between advertisers and affiliates who offer affiliate programs, infrastructure, and software by which communication is generated, commission payment systems between advertisers and affiliates, etc.


These are brands that want to display and promote their products on other people’s websites. Advertisers pay the agreed Commission to affiliates and the affiliate platform each time the links generate traffic or sales. If you have a brand, it is also fascinating to try this sales method.

This is generally very advantageous because you don’t have to make a big investment since you pay on commission when sales or contacts have been generated. This is the best way to get others to recommend your product.

Affiliate Marketing Guide: What are the forms of compensation?


You can define different events which will entitle you to the commission. Depending on the type of product or service marketed, one or the other form can be established, but the most common are

Payment by sale

This is a clear criterion for the creation of a commission. These are generally high earnings, but we depend on the advertiser’s conversion capacity.

Payment by lead or by registration

In this case, if we manage to get the user to go to the advertiser’s website and register in a form, we have already organized the event, which entitles us to the commission.

Payment by Call Tracking

It is a modality widely used in certain types of businesses, making them leave their telephone number by asking them to call you on behalf of the advertiser to inform you.

Payment per share

In each type of advertising strategy, the advertiser may be interested in different actions. For example, in insurance sales, there are affiliate programs in which the advertiser commissions if the affiliate gets a potential client to quote for his insurance in the company’s “underwriter” insurance.

There may be other types of compensation packages, such as pay per click (CPC) or pay per thousand impressions (CPM).

Affiliate Marketing Guide: The 9 main affiliate platforms

In this list, you will find general, international, or specialized platforms in specific market niches. They all coincide in the basic services of affiliation, and additional services or advantages distinguish others in terms of commissions and payments.


ShareASaleThis is one of the largest platforms where you can find programs on a wide range of subjects. The control panel is in English, but if you plan to devote yourself seriously to promoting other people’s products through your websites, I recommend it. They have many outstanding projects in all the services and products related to online marketing.

They have affiliate programs, such as solutions for online stores, b2b advertising, domain registration, hosting, social networking tools, WordPress templates, and click-through control tools and connections. It is a fundamental platform for any marketing blogger who wants to monetize his website.


Zanox is a large platform that you can manage in different languages ​ and can choose affiliate programs from the following sectors:

  • Finance and insurance
  • Retail sales and purchases
  • Telecommunications and services
  • Trip

There are countless subdivisions in the previous sections in which you will find a multitude of affiliate programs.


There is a huge classification by category on this platform (which is also available in French).

In each section, there are also countless subsections where you can find almost any program to promote all kinds of products or services.


As with others, you also have affiliate programs for many industries and more than 2,000 registered advertisers. The website contains different content to know what to do at each stage; in this sense, it is one of the most complete.

You have a quick start guide, examples if you want to know other success stories, and among its network of affiliates, there are companies as well known as Fnac.


The affiliation platform is also a platform that includes French among its languages. Just like Zanox or Affilinet, there are also many programs with different themes, such as

  • Trip
  • Banks / Insurance / Finances
  • Large-scale consumption
  • Automobile
  • Telephony / ADSL
  • Beauty / Health

Rakuten Advertising

It is available in different languages ​​but not in Spanish. It is more used in the United States, Australia, or certain European countries such as France, Germany, or the United Kingdom. This is one more option, recommended if you are good at understanding English.

According to the point of view, the advantage or the disadvantage can be located at the level of the prices or the commissions, which will be adapted to the foreign markets.

The quality of the services and the attention seem to be demonstrated so that you can compare and see if this platform is the one that suits you best.

CJ Affiliate

It is one of the most famous and oldest. The administration panel is in Spanish and other languages.

It offers affiliate monitoring and a reliable payment system. It also includes reports and an exclusive data analysis system that could help you better understand the results. Other advanced services that can convince you to choose this affiliate platform are

  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Mini product applications
  • API / Web Services
  • Get a code


It has more than 700 affiliate programs and has an original system whereby top-performing affiliates receive rewards in the form of additional payments. As an affiliate, you have access to several tools, and you have the possibility of having a personal manager-adviser who will guide you in understanding and signing commission contracts.

  • Ad server
  • SubID
  • Return URL
  • ReTag
  • Discounts and promotional codes (coupons)


Formerly called Dating Easyflirt, it specializes in the niche market for dating or dating sites. It is one of the most lucrative topics on the Internet, so some platforms decide to focus on this topic.

In comparison with others, Prelinker offers easy payment after the results, since it is billed on the 25th of the following month (as far as I have been able to investigate, in others like Zanox or Publicideas, you have to pay 60 to 90 days in advance)

Another thing that stood out in several affiliated opinion forums was the possibility of having your white-label and access to a series of integration tools to launch your projects.

Affiliate Marketing Guide: 6 affiliate programs for bloggers


There are affiliate programs on every subject you can imagine, but many specialize in digital marketing and social media. Some of them have an affiliate platform as an intermediary, and others do not need it. Let’s see a list of 10 examples:


It is one of the best known and most used tools by community managers. If you recommend it in your blog posts and demonstrate your knowledge and experience to potential customers, you can also earn additional income through its affiliate program.

Envato Market

It is a program which, in addition to being very profitable, is also very wide because Envato covers a multitude of services from its different sections: graphic river, audio jungle, video hive, 3docean, ThemeForest, code canyon, activeden and photodune.

Adobe stock

As images play an important role in blogs and websites, the demand for images is enormous. If you help people who need to buy Adobe Stock photos with the recommendations you make on your blog, you will help them and get an extra income.


This tool helps you understand visitors’ behavior to your websites or your customers by recording visits and generating heat maps. It shows where they click if they scroll and where visitors and potential customers pay attention to your websites.


The logo is a fundamental element (often underestimated) in branding strategies. We often find customers who do not have a good logo or are no longer in tune with new trends. In addition to using a graphic designer, we can recommend this portal, and in return, we will have a commission in case of a sale.

Click meter

It is a click tracking tool in social media campaigns. We can recommend this tool, which is an excellent solution for web analysis tasks.

Affiliate Marketing Guide: The 10 Secrets of Affiliate Marketing


As with almost everything, the trick to making things work is to follow a series of steps and take care of every little detail. In this Affiliate Marketing Guide, you will find 10 recommendations to follow if you want to do affiliate marketing:

The key to the success of the affiliate system

The reason for the success of the affiliate marketing promotion system is twofold:

For the affiliate, this system is fully compatible with other activities, online projects, and even with other monetization goals that the website has.

The importance of choosing the niche in which to work

Although this is by no means the only way to approach it, it is generally wise to choose a vertical sector, especially if the traffic will be captured by positioning in the search engines. But as we said, affiliate marketing can also work for horizontal markets.

When we choose market niches or microniches, we must try to make them conform to the following:

  • The size of the market is sufficient. If we choose to capture traffic through SEO and/or SEM, we must verify that this niche uses search terms with sufficient volume to guarantee traffic. The Adwords keyword search engine can help you.
  • Acceptable competition. The fact that competition exists is often frightening, but it is inevitable (and even positive). But it is also true that we have to assess whether we will be unable to get a piece of the pie. SEM RUSH will help you
  • Check the product life cycle. With Google Trends, you can check the product or service stage based on its search volume trend.

Advertiser conversion capacity

The commissions received by the affiliate depend, among other things, on the ease of conversion of the advertiser’s website, in particular in the case of returns on sales. The convertibility of the advertiser’s website depends, among other things, on the following:

  • The reputation of the brand in its sector. The advertiser can contribute if he applies a good brand strategy.
  • Website design and usability
  • Good quality/price ratio of your products or services

Affiliate conversion

It is not enough to generate many visits to your website and place a banner in the sidebar. It is not just a question of traffic volume. It is essential to focus on quality. We need to get traffic from people interested in the product or service we recommend. These tips will help you get there:

Adding value

I don’t mean that the amount of traffic is not important (what it is), but the results will be much better if it is also quality.

Take care of the banner design.

The image we transmit is also important for our conversion. Take care of your design, both for the image we convey and for the conversion strategy. Although this advice seems obvious, it is not the website’s design that must be adapted to the sector’s strategy’s needs.

The colors, the typography, the size of the letter, the empty spaces, the size of the images. All of this will influence the conversion levels we reach.

Adaptation of the commissioning system

I mean, you need to be clear about the goal (s) for which commissions will be generated. We should not direct the same traffic or launch the same calls to action if we want the user to fill out a contact form, if we want the user to quote online or if we want him to subscribe to a newsletter.

In this case, we need to assess whether the strategy we need to implement for this goal suits us (for example, by selling). Another affiliate program commissions for another type of goal (for example, by subscriber or prospect reached).

Minimum income to start collecting premiums.

Each affiliate platform and each affiliate program may have different minimum commission amounts to start collecting. There are 5, 25, 30, 50, etc. 

Use the advertiser’s resources and creativity.

They are very good at improving conversion levels. I am referring to the following:

  • Beneficial banners for websites or to display ads, for example.
  • Email designs if you’re going to be using email marketing.
  • Textual Links and Keyword Policy ( SEM ).
  • Deep ties.
  • Newsletters.
  • Videos.
  • Catalogs to integrate (XML feed).
  • Widgets and product search engines.
  • Online pricing.

Usually, the advertiser himself or the affiliate platform can help you in this regard.

Bet on the keywords “Longtail.”

In the case where the contribution of visits to your website will be sought through SEO or SEM, I recommend that you choose and work on keywords “long tail” for the following reasons:

  • In SEO, they are easier to position than generic search terms or “short tail.”
  • In SEM, they are cheaper in terms of cost per click.

In SEO and SEM, the conversion is much higher. For example, we will be much more likely to get visits from terms like “calculate the price of auto insurance online” to fill in the fields of an online rating system than if we bet on “insurance automobile.”

With the positioning of the long tail, we generally answer the users’ doubts or information needs. We must, therefore, reflector investigates the information that the advertiser’s target audience will require to give them an answer. When we have gained their trust in solving the problem, we will include the link between the call and the action, and we will have more chances to convert.

Use Youtube as a channel to capture traffic.

If you can take advantage of Youtube’s traffic potential, you will be able to bring traffic to your affiliate program. Today, you can’t place affiliate links on Youtube, but you can redirect and take advantage of one of your websites.

Affiliate Marketing Guide: Alternatives to get income from your website

  • By placing third-party banner ads on your website in exchange for a fixed amount of money.
  • Allow Google to display ads from the AdWords display network on your website. It’s Google Adsense.
  • Make your website an online store or e-commerce.
  • Dropshipping, which is something very similar to e-commerce but without the storage and order logistics part.
  • Sale of info products.
  • Sale of links.

Now, you. What do you think of affiliate marketing as a strategy? Do you know of any other recommended programs? You know you can tell me what you want in the comments. I would be happy to read you and know your opinion and share it on your social networks if you appreciate it!

Thank you very much for reading. You can visit our blog section for more articles.



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