WordPress Maintenance Tips For Beginner Free Guide (2021)

WordPress Maintenance Tips For Beginner (2021)

We currently offer a balanced solution for personal or corporate websites that do not require custom programming. Here is some general information you need to know about WordPress maintenance.

The counterpart of using this powerful platform is that it requires constant maintenance to avoid security problems. A page published with WordPress requires three types of updates:

1) The WordPress application itself: The publishing engine is constantly evolving and needs you to keep it updated to take advantage of the new advantages and security improvements implemented.

2) The theme or theme:  It is the design template on which they make WordPress pages. The publishers who publish them are also uploading improvements that require updating from time to time. This frequency is highly variable, being higher in the most popular songs.

3) The plugins: In WordPress Maintenance, plugins play a vital role; plugins allow the WordPress application to perform more advanced functions by coupling to the base application as extras. Different publisher programs each of them, and the updates they publish are essential because, in many cases, they cover security holes that hackers usually sneak into.

Updating all this, we will have our WordPress in good condition, and it is more difficult for problems to arise. Still, WordPress maintenance is not infallible, and to be calm. We should implement some additional security measures.

WordPress offers a very extensive catalog of solutions; we propose a couple of very easy to install and manage. It is a plugin to hide the administrator’s path and another to make the entire site’s backups.

4) WordPress Login Hide:  This WordPress Maintenance plugin allows you to change the default WordPress access address for a custom one. In this way, instead of using the URL “site.com/wp-admin” to access the management panel, we can change it, for example, to “site/entering,” and so hackers find the first obstacle that can make them cease from attack our site.

This plugin is straightforward to manage. We have to go to Settings >> Hide Login and choose the term that replaces wp-admin. From then on, we must use this address to access our administration panel.

5) All in One WordPress Migration: This plugin is initially intended to migrate your website from one hosting to another. It offers a simple way to have a complete backup of your website, including all the plugins and themes that have been installed.

Once installed, the operation to be performed is summarized in two steps.

  • First, create a backup. To do this, choose the “Export” option and select “File.”
  • This download is essential to keep on our computer since it will be the one that allows us to restore the entire website in any WordPress installation in which we install the AIO WP Migration plugin.
  • Another important aspect to remember is that each copy is stored in the hosting itself and available in Backups. Still, each copy occupies an important space of the hosting with which we can fill it quickly if we do not have the precaution of deleting the old copies.

These are the 5 WordPress Maintenance Tips For Beginner (2020). By following these basic tips, we can keep WordPress maintenance safe with minimal guarantees. If you find it confusing despite everything explained or do not have time to dedicate yourself to these tasks, at mongersmint.com.

We also offer you a WordPress Maintainance service, with an annual fee, so that you can completely ignore your website’s security. Give us your views in the comment section and let us know if this information works for you.  Let Us Know.

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