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What Is Linux And What Is It For?

What Is Linux And What is Its Use

What Is Linux? : Linux is used to run all the PC hardware since a computer cannot function without an operating system, and Linux is a free operating system. Linux is in many of the computers sold without an operating system, but this is not legal in Spain since a PC without an operating system is not a functional PC, many manufacturers choose to add a version or distro of Linux.

This operating system is also known for control supercomputers or servers, which is where Linux actually comes into play. Most of the most important supercomputers in the world use some GNU / Linux system, so it can also control supercomputers with specific tasks, thanks to its customization ability.

This Linux operating system is also widely used as a Live operating system. This is to boot a PC without installing any operating system or using the integrated hard disk. This system, which is usually relatively light, is loaded in memory and is very useful for data recovery and partition management on hard drives. When a catastrophe occurs, in this case with an integrated utility, in a Linux distro that can be run Live, we can try to fix the disaster caused or manage the partitions with the hard drives in a similar way as is done with the Disk part, but without the need to install anything.

Another utility of a Linux Live system is the Wi-Fi network audit, although it was more used to crack passwords for not very secure Wi-Fi networks and get free internet. It was prevalent when the boom in-home Wi-Fi networks exploded, in a few minutes, with the necessary knowledge (although then a thousand tutorials came out on the internet). A live Linux distribution that ran the application WiFiSlax could get the password of some networks to which you could access your internet connection or even your data if you had these shared.

Describing Further What Is Linux And What Is It For?

Linux is present in many devices that we use daily, such as Android phones, NAS, some routers, televisions, TV Box, calculators, or even the very hadron collider. It works with a specific distribution called Scientific Linux that CentOS has finally replaced. Microsoft has also started include the kernel of this system in Windows 10.

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