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Tokyo Olympics 2021: 7 Heartwarming Moments & Records

They were originally scheduled to be held in 2020, but the covid-19 pandemic prevented that from happening. They had to be postponed for a year, so the official start date was left for July 23. However, the pandemic, which has not ceased to this day, has again raised doubts. Even two days before the initial report, Tokyo Olympics 2021 director Toshiro Muto was not ruling out a last-minute cancellation of the Olympics amid an increase in covid-19 cases.

But they were carried out, although with many changes: without an audience in the competitions, all the athletes lived in a “bubble” called the Olympic village, with the obligatory use of face masks between the duels and the presentation of the medals. , among others.

What was the result at the end of the sporting event? The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics 2021 said on Sunday that 27 new cases of covid-19 linked to the Games had been identified. None of them was an athlete. To date, Olympic authorities have reported 436 Games-related covid-19 cases, which ended overnight in Tokyo. As of Saturday in Tokyo alone, 4,566 cases of covid-19 were reported, the fourth day in a row that the city has reported more than 4,000 new infections per day.

To be honest, hosting the Tokyo Olympics 2021 in this difficult situation has never been so easy. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the athletes worked hard during the limited training. And there is still much debate about whether it was appropriate to hold a large-scale global event in Corona. But after a year and a half of dire conditions, the Tokyo Olympics 2021 has provided the necessary distractions.

This year’s Olympics were far from what people had envisioned for those who had been preparing for the Games for a long time, but they were still surprising in many ways. For example, Hidilyn Diaz won the first gold medal in the history of the Philippines, and Elaine Thompson Herah won the gold medal in the 100-meter dash to become the fastest woman in the world. An event happened.

However, this year’s Tokyo Olympics 2021 have certainly given rise to excitement beyond medals. There were many moments of learning, courage, and inspiration through unprecedented goodwill, sportsmanship, and kindness under pressure. This is a legacy that we can look back on in the future. 

Miho Nonaka and Brooke Raboutou Tokyo Olympics 2021-  mongersmint
Photo: Maja Hitij / Getty Images Miho Nonaka of Team Japan (L) and Brooke Raboutou Team The United States of America compete during the Sport Climbing Women’s Combined Final

New competition waved the Tokyo Olympics 2021 youth

Four new competitions were introduced at this year’s Tokyo Olympics 2021. The addition of surfing, skateboarding, and sports climbing, not only made the Games more exciting but also added youth to the Olympics.

In some of the new competitions, the scoring method was controversial. In particular, sports climbing was criticized for including speed climbing, which competes for “how fast you could climb”. However, the addition of new sports has prompted the younger generation to start sports, while at the same time increasing respect for the abilities needed to perform well in non-traditional competitions. Let’s do it.

silver medalist Kokona Hiraki, gold medalist Sakura Yosozumi, bronze medalist Sky Brown Tokyo Olympics 2021- Mongersmint
Photo: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images (LR) silver medalist Kokona Hiraki, gold medalist Sakura Yosozumi, bronze medalist Sky Brown

Prove that you can achieve great achievements at any age 

Skateboarding was also talked about when the youngest Olympic champion in history was born. Only 12-year-old Hiraki Kokona and 13-year-old Sky Brown won silver and bronze medals in the women’s park final, fascinating people all over the world. They became the new face of the Tokyo Olympics 2021 Games and at the same time contributed to the diversification of sports champions.

Maybe some people felt old when they saw child prodigies make their mark in history? But the Olympics are not about how much you can do by a certain age. Equestrian Andrew Hoy not only won Australia’s first eight consecutive Olympic titles but also played at Australia’s oldest age of 62.

The success of these players shows that age does not matter in doing the best.

Michael Kappeler Tokyo Olympics 2021- mongersmint
Photo: Michael Kappeler / Getty Images (LR) Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar and Gianmarco Tamberi from Italy

Elegance and kindness, gold medal-winning Mutaz Essa Barsim and Gianmarco Tamberi 

In the final of the men’s high jump, Qatar Mutaessa-Bashimu ( Mutaz Essa Barshim) and the Italian Jean Marco Tanberi (Gianmarco Tamberi) is, was Wakea’ the gold medal in the same record. Both players failed the 2m 39cm greeted with no mistakes. After a difficult time, the referee left it to the athletes to decide the ranking, but the two athletes chose to quit the competition. It was decided to share the title of the first place.

The two, who had been training for months to reach this moment, would have been convinced that their opponents were also gold medal-worthy players.

LGBTQ + athletes in Tokyo Olympics 2021

More LGBTQ + athletes have participated in this year’s Olympics, a milestone in the sporting world. Britain’s Tom Daley, the gold medal winner in 10-meter high diving for men’s swimming, gave a moving victory speech to young LGBTQ + people, saying, “What are you, not alone?” I want you to know that you can achieve it, ” he left an important message.

Weightlifting players of New Zealand, transgender Laurel Hubbard ( Laurel Hubbard) is, weight lifting women’s 87 kg more than class, but it was not possible to win a medal in, for him, the battle was already won. Hubbard fought for a long time to be recognized as the first Openly Transgender player at the Olympics and was able to reach his goal before announcing his retirement at the age of 43.

There are still some proud moments for the LGBTQ + community. It was when the Canadian team scored a winning goal in the women’s soccer final. One of the players, DF Quinn, became the first transgender and non-binary athlete to win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Simone Biles Tokyo Olympics 2021- mongersmint
Simone Biles only won a bronze medal on beam. But the important thing was elsewhere for the young American. Early on in the ordeals, she decided to step aside, highlighting the importance of protecting her sanity.

Simone Biles’s decision to prioritize mental health in Tokyo Olympics 2021

Simone Biles, the American gymnast who has won the most medals in the world, was expected to win the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. So fans were even more surprised when Biles announced that he would abstain from team competition. In previous competitions, such behavior may have been disappointing, but he prioritized self-care and was praised as a hero who stood up for himself.

Tokyo Olympics 2021- mongersmint
Photo: Elsa / Getty Images Team Japan pose with their gold medals on the podium after winning the Men’s Épée Fencing Team Gold Medal Match against Team ROC on day seven of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Japan recorded the highest number of gold medals won ever in Tokyo Olympics 2021

It is particularly noteworthy that the host country, Japan, has won more gold medals than previous competitions.

It was also a tournament that demonstrated its abilities in sports that Japan is most good at, such as the new competition karate and the revival of baseball and softball. Like Nishiya Momiji on Skateboarding Women’s Street, she won medals in unexpected ways, and eventually won 27 gold medals.

However, Japan’s achievements are far greater than the record number of medals. Japan, which miraculously took the lead after various trials before the tournament, is worth more than a medal.

Tokyo Olympics 2021- mongersmint
Olympic Gold Medallist for diving Tom Daley, just casually doing a bit of knitting

Some heartwarming stories that became a hot topic

It wasn’t possible to see the tournament live, but the appearance of Tom Daley knitting (while watching the women’s 3-meter final) made fans smile.

In addition, athletes used social media in their spare time to disseminate a variety of information. It was fascinating to be able to see one side of the non-competitive athletes, such as eating the “best dumplings” in the Olympic Village and trying out cardboard beds.

For example, be sure to visit the athletes’ village every morning ” even you’re the best player! Not take a medal .” Some people, such as men who had a sign that motivates athletes that. These pleasant moments connected the world in this difficult time, and the Olympics gave a glimpse of warm humanity that transcended the boundaries of the event.

Tokyo Olympics 2021- mongersmint
Photo: Youka Nagase

Record-Breaking & Inspiring Moments

When the world was as scattered as it could be, the Tokyo Olympics 2021, albeit for a short period of 16 days, united people and helped them achieve victory and greatness. And we want to thank Tokyo. Here are some of these moments:

A Belgian marathon runner after finishing way higher than she thought. This is what the Olympics is all about.

Ariarne Titmus’ coach celebrating her 400m freestyle win in style.

Nicolai unbelievable way to win the set in the Tokyo Olympics beach volley match

From the unfolding of a pandemic to the increasingly constant theme of mental health, these Tokyo Olympics have seen multiple situations and moments that already mark them in the history of the sport. These moments will go down in history and will forever change the lives of these athletes. Records are meant to be broken but some moments define the purpose of competing. With every win and record-shattering performance, once again Olympics has given us the reason why we play these sports and how this platform always has been the highlight of every sportsperson’s dreams.

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