13 Time Travel Movies to Marathon the Weekend

13 Time Travel Movies to Marathon the Weekend

If you are left blank when asked what you would do if you had a time machine and you can do time travel, we have something special for you.

The cinema and the great imagination of the producers and screenwriters have given us a huge collection of films that deal with time travel. So if you want to get some ideas of what you would do if you could do it, watch these movies, but above all, enjoy them and have a good time in the company of your loved ones.

1. Back to the Future (1985)

It is considered a classic by many. He tells us how Dr. Brown, a scientist who loves experiments, turns a DeLorean car into a time machine, in which Marty travels 30 years into the past, discovering what his parents were like in their teens.

2. Midnight in Paris (2011)

Gil Pender is a novelist who is on vacation with his fiancée in Paris. One night, he decides to walk around the city when suddenly a group of strangers makes him travel back in time, taking him to meet the greatest art and literature icons. The more time he spends there, the more horrible his time seems.

3. Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (2016)

It is one of the most entertaining movies we can see. After a car accident, Stephen is a great neurosurgeon who cannot regain control of his hands, so he travels to Kamar-Taj in Nepal to recover. However, on his way, he learns unimaginable things and takes the time gem, with which he can defeat Dormammu, a being from the Dark Dimension.

4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

In this third installment of the Harry Potter saga, Hermione shows us with the help of the time tour, a magical artifact that allows us to return to the past, how it is possible to change the life of more than one, as well as give happiness and justice to those who do it. They deserve. Directed by Alfonso Cuarón, it can be considered one of the best installments of this magical story.

5. Looper: Future Killer  (2012)

It takes us to 2072, the year in which murders were counted as crimes, but time travel exists. Therefore, the people to be executed are sent to 2042 to be exterminated. Everything is going well until Joe finds himself in the dilemma of having to murder himself but with 30 years more.

6. Mirai, my little sister (2018)

Kun has become an older brother. His little sister Mirai is just a baby, and his parents pay more attention to her, so he takes refuge in a garden. Suddenly, a teenage Mirai comes for him to take him on an adventure he could never have imagined.

7. Love in colors (1998)

Jennifer and David had a quiet life until they are teleported to a fictional town where everything is black and white. Now they must live with the people in their neighborhood, who are quite conservative. However, when they least imagine it, they are forced to discover the true motives of life.

8. A Matter of Time (2013)

Tim and the men in his family have the power to travel through time. Everything is possible until a new family member is born, so when he finds out that his father is sick and his wife is pregnant, he will have to stop going back to the past to visit him after his death or say goodbye to his baby forever.

9. Triangle  (2009)

It all started with a bad omen that Jess couldn’t interpret. However, she continues her journey to the port, where everything is going well until a storm forces her and her friends to change ships, where they strangely feel that they have already been and where a series of misfortunes awaits them that only she can avoid.

10. Donnie Darko (2001)

It places us in 1988, just after Donnie cheated his death and began to suffer a series of hallucinations in which the rabbit Frank appears, who tells him when the world will end and that he is the one chosen for a mission, so he promises to keep in touch.

12. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

After an alien invasion of planet Earth where he intends to exterminate the entire human species, a combat officer is put in a command to eliminate the aliens. Still, it is in vain, as he dies. However, when that happens, he is caught in a loop where he will fight, die, and fight again over and over again. This repeats until you realize what your true mission is in this event.

13. Predestination (2014)

A special agent from a secret government department is in charge of allowing time travel. But during the 80’s he must undertake a trip to the past to stop one of the greatest terrorists in history because he is killing thousands of citizens in his time.

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