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They Are The Richest Tiktokers Tn The World 2021

Richest Tiktokers

Richest TiktokersThe video-sharing platform TIC Tac it’s not just a place to find short clips of all kinds: over the months, the attention of hundreds of millions of people have turned to the Chinese-born app, projecting its protagonists to a level celebrity that many of them didn’t even think they could achieve. Some of these tiktokers knew to transform their business from applications into an excellent income source, becoming true millionaires. According to the Screenrant newspaper, here are those who aggregated the data from Celebritynetworth – they are worth more than ever in terms of assets.

here is the list of

4. Richest Tiktokers Loren Gray

American Loren Gray is only 18 years old and started her social media career in 2015 when TikTok was still called Musical.ly. His perseverance and consistency within the platform have earned him 50 million followers and a place in the top 10 of the most followed tiktokers. However, much of its heritage comes from record contracts and commercial partnerships signed after gaining online notoriety. To date, the young woman’s assets are estimated to be around $ 5 million.

3. Addison Rae

Compared to other users who have frequented TikTok since the Musical.ly era, Addison Rae only approached the platform a year ago while seeking a distraction from her studies at Louisiana State University. In a few months, his dances gained the first million followers, and the first content sponsored by the brand was born. His experience within the Hype House collective helped increase his popularity and make him more and more sought after by brands to turn him into the giant American eagle’s face, create a line of beauty products, and much more. Its assets are estimated at around $ 5 million.

2. BabyAriel

Ariel Rebecca Martin is known today under the pseudonym BabyAriel but mostly as an actress and singer, but her debut took place on TikTok when the platform was still called Musical.ly. Already in 2015, what she had behind her allowed her to launch an anti-bullying campaign with wide media coverage under her name, and Time and Forbes considered her one of the biggest influencers of the year. Today, he is 20 years old, and his heritage is estimated at around $ 6 million.

1. Charli D’Amelio

It is not surprising that the first position in the ranking of the richest tiktokers coincides with the most followed. After all, Charli D’Amelio is the personality of TikTok, who knew how to exploit the popularity acquired on the social network to be recognized even outside. Since 2019 when she registered for the application, she has made sparks: between advertisements that even ended up in the Superbowl, product lines with her name, and a series television that will see its protagonist with his family, Charli has accumulated about $ 8 million.

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