Ten Percent Brain Myth – Is it true that human beings only use 10% of the brain?

Ten Percent Brain Myth: Although many myths say yes, not really. So let go of any of your hopes of developing the other 90% and becoming a genius. This legend derives from much information exchanged back in 1890 on a “cordless phone” without a giant, due to a child prodigy named William James Sidis.

Receiving encouragement from his parents, the boy, at 18 months of age, read the newspaper, at 8 he already spoke 9 languages, including one that he himself invented, at the age of 11, entered Harvard, and followed a solid academic career. Then, in one of his statements, William said that people only develop a small fraction of their own intellectual capacity. Which makes a lot of sense. In the year 1936, the American writer Lowell Thomas, took advantage of this statement and added a percentage, ready the rumor spread.

Even today, with all the advances that science already has, it is impossible to say exactly the amount of brain capacity that is used, but it is already known that it is not only 10%. From 1890 until today, several areas of this Ten Percent Brain Myth with minimal functions have been identified in several different parts of the brain, and other areas that work together to perform the most subtle and routine tasks, often even unconsciously. Recognizing someone’s voice, and determining their mood, among other tasks, demands a lot from our brain.

Neuroscientists say about this Ten Percent Brain Myth is that they do not know precisely what some areas of the brain are for, but that does not mean that it is of no use or is not being used. It just means that we still don’t know the usefulness of that region.

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