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50 Startup Ideas You Can Drive For A Low Cost

Thanks to technology and with your knowledge, you can make these startup ideas profitable, if you manage it well, it is probably the beginning of a small or medium-sized company where you can employ others, and best of all, the beginning will be free or for a meagre cost. We have gathered approximately  50 startup ideas organized according to the field of development; We hope you identify with one and start doing it right now.

Technology and networks

Are you specialized in technology? Have you studied the management of social networks? Are these fields you are good at? Well, we bring these suggestions to you.

  1. Creation of chatbots: the needs of companies are evolving, and what was previously the need for web pages, then it evolved to become a need for apps, and today it became the need for AI messaging and chatbots. The demand has been so great that there are already sites that teach how to create chatbots for free.
  2. Social media consultant / social media manager: in these modern times, every company needs good management of its social networks to promote their product or service further and reach the public with an excellent venture. This is where the consultant or social media manager comes in, a person specialized in social networks, from how they work to what is best to publish in each of them. This is a field that will not die in a long time since networks are constantly growing. You can get your certification as a network consultant with Twitter or Google+ that offer courses where you will learn everything about their networks perfectly for little money.
  3. Application development: If you have a good enough idea for an application, you probably have a small empire in your hands, get to work on it. To develop applications, you do not need that much money, you will require knowledge, and it is a market that continues to function while you sleep. With a great app and good luck, you can achieve a respectable sum of money and, who knows, start a venture that can become a small technological empire.
  4. Website development: the modern world is digital; that is why every business needs a website, and that is where you would enter. If you have the skills, you could be part of a business that will never die. There are many places where you can learn everything you need to do about creating websites, from the simplest ( WordPress ) to the pure creation of a website.
  5. Internet security consulting: in the Internet world, there are many threats. If you know about them and how to deal with them, you can start your own consulting business in which you will help companies protect their information and their clients.
  6. Blogger / Vlogger: If you are an expert in a field that may be of interest to an audience (travel, comedy, food, art, fashion), you have the opportunity to capture your startup ideas and experiences through a blog or vlog. You only need a computer and a good camera (if you are a blogger) to get started. With a site or a channel, you can earn good money in advertising.
  7. Buyer of web domains: it is exactly what the name says, buying web domains. It consists of buying web domain names with potential at a low price and reselling them to those interested for a higher cost. For this, you only need to identify potential and memorable website names and have SEO skills.
  8. Website Flipping: This consists of buying existing websites, improving them, and reselling them. For that, you will need web development skills and a keen eye to identify sites with potential.
  9. Online-store: if you have a product or an entire line that you want to sell, but you cannot invest in a physical store, online stores are your salvation. You have several options to get started in this; you can resort to existing sites such as Etsy, or do it yourself. The best thing about an online store is that it will always be open, so all the time, they can see your products and you can have customers anywhere in the world.
  10. Computer trainer: There are a lot of older people who want to adapt to modern times and learn to use a computer, you could even teach children. 
  11. Digital media conversion: many people want to give new life to their DVDs, CDs, among other recording media, and ensure their eternity through digitization. If you know how to transfer this data to a computer, you have an emerging business in your hands, for which you only need your computer, the converter device, and advertising.
  12. Community Manager: perhaps one of the most demanded professions in these times. There are even agencies specialized in providing community managers, but you will not need one to offer your services as an individual. Just prepare yourself in everything you need, do your best, and leave the competition behind.


Are you an artist in the visual, plastic, or culinary fields? We have these proposals that you will surely like.

  1. Graphic Design: once you learn everything that a graphic designer must master and become certified as one, you will have several possibilities at your fingertips: the creation of logos, flyers, illustrations, magazines, blogs, advertisements or advertising campaigns. You only need a computer and Adobe programs, such as Photoshop or Illustrator. If you are good enough and know how to search and take advantage of opportunities, you will have a good income source and the beginning of something great.
  2. Professional photography or videography: If you love photography or videography, you can make them your permanent job. The visual record has always mattered to humanity and will remain so for a long time. As a photographer or videographer, you can offer your services for different events, take photo shoots, capture your photos, and sell them online, offer your services to brands, and much more. To enter this market, you must complete the relevant studies, hone your skills as a visual producer, and obtain the necessary equipment to get started, and if you are good and smart enough, you will have a rewarding and well-paid job.
  3. Video production: many people want to be vloggers, but who have no idea how to make videos correctly, that’s where you come in. With a good team and good skills you can offer your services as a video producer to anyone who needs it, the pay is good, and if you do it, it will be out of passion, which will make it even more satisfying.
  4. Personal chef: are you already an expert in cooking? As you get more out of it, culinary art is a field that will never die and where innovation is constant. If you do not want to be under the orders of someone else in a restaurant, you can offer your services as a personal chef under your conditions and increase your prestige with each client. 
  5. Documentalist: To document, you will need the necessary studies to lead you to do it the right way. Good documentaries can give you things like recognition and money. You have to find a story or a thread to follow with your camera. You can even make event logs and sell them to news networks.
  6. Illustration/painting:  an illustrator who stands out from the rest can drive business with nothing more than his usual work tools, and today more than ever, thanks to social networks. Don’t be afraid and show your talent to the world; you never know what can happen.

Commerce and business

Do you have a degree in this area? Are you given the numbers, the finances, the marketing? So these suggestions are for you.

  1. Marketing services: Marketing requires certain knowledge without which you would not be anyone. Fortunately, acquiring this knowledge is not as expensive as you might think. You have to explore the possibilities. Start-ups are always looking for specialist freelancers in this area to help them with possible flaws in their marketing plan or to create a plan from scratch.
  2. Business plan design: If you have ever owned a business, owned one, or have a business degree, you can become the help someone needs with good startup ideas but who doesn’t know how to carry it out. The services you will offer will depend on what the client needs.
  3. Tax consulting: companies, large or small, usually pay for the organization of their taxes and thus can dedicate themselves to other things in the business. With the proper preparation, you will be able to offer your services as a freelance tax consultant.
  4. Financial advisor: Many people and organizations do not know how to manage their finances; you can be the help they need. With the right certification and enough experience you can start being a financial advisor on your own, first, you can help people and finally large organizations.
  5. Currency trading: currency trading can now be done online. With the courses, video tutorials, and applications that guide you step by step in what you should learn about this type of trading, success is more than assured. You only need analytical skills, the sum of money you want to invest, and some device to enter the web.

Languages ​​and letters

Good at languages, writing, and grammar? These suggestions are perfect for you.

  1. Writing of summaries: some people do not matter the years that pass and the achievements they achieve, do not enjoy writing, or are not good at doing it. There where your target is, do not doubt that people are willing to pay someone to correctly write some text for them or their work on some fact or topic. 
  2. Translation: Translation is one of the work fields that require less equipment and more benefits, you only need to know a language perfectly, and you can start the machinery. Revenue will vary depending on the translations you do and who you do them for, so try to surround yourself with good clients with good commissions. Certification is almost always mandatory in this area.
  3. Editorial services: starting a publishing services venture has almost zero cost and great possibilities for expansion. Your clients can range from students and writers to companies. You can offer different services: ” copywriting, “ghostwriting, “article writing, web content writing, editing, book writing, proofreading, or indexing.
  4. Technical writing: If you can write somewhat technical or formal things, such as interviews, informative texts, etc., with ease and logic, you have a tool that could help you start a productive venture. As with summaries, many organizations and companies want to embed fundamental startup ideas, insights, or information on websites or physical texts but are not very good at it. The fees you can charge for something like that are quite motivating.


Do you have the capabilities to offer a specific service? Well, take note of these startup ideas.

  1. Patient advocacy services: this is a job with which you can help people who need it urgently. By offering patient defence services, you will be in charge of helping the sick, disabled, or people in a lot of pain, with the hospital paperwork, collecting bills for the insurance company, and arguing cases before said company.
  2. Online / Home Tailoring: Appearance is currently being given a lot of importance, something essential to look good in clothes that fit you perfectly, that’s why there are tailors. If you can’t set up physical tailoring, you can do it online or at home. You can offer from fabric and patterns to complete suits.
  3. Cleaning services: to start a cleaning business, you only need to be a person who likes neatness and knows how to clean well. You can offer your services with or without products, and from there, your rates will vary.
  4. Dog Grooming and Walking: In many countries, this is a very profitable small business; you only need the skills to take care of dogs and obey you. So we recommend that you handle things like training, grooming, and dog care. You can take care of several dogs simultaneously; you only need a place to do it and an adequate route to walk them. If the business grows, you can outsource caregivers and gradually build a corporation.
  5. Laundry: do you know how to wash all kinds of clothes well? Well, you could perfectly offer this service from home while doing other activities. Many people do not have an automatic washing machine or the time to wash their clothes, so you can surely get customers fast, even among your neighbours.
  6. Accommodation: to host someone in your house you do not need luxuries, many people are more than happy with a pleasant place to spend the night, so if you have one or more free rooms, you could start from there. If you can offer extra services, such as breakfast or dinner, you could give your small business more fame and prestige and earn more. These micro-rentals manage much of the tourism in the world.
  7. Gardening: There are many people with gardens but who do not have the time to take care of them or do not want to. If you have the skills of a gardener and enjoy taking care of plants, you could try it. As always, the pay will depend on the work you do.
  8. Child protection: Every family with young children thinks about their safety. They have it as a priority, which is why child protection is a profitable market in which there is not as much competition. To start this business, you will only need the certification and knowledge necessary to make a home completely safe for a child.
  9. Hairdressing and makeup: if you are a specialist in hairdressing or makeup, you have what you need to start a low-cost venture that could end up being very productive, look for that equipment and materials (which you surely already have) and get to work. You can offer all the services that you master and charge well for them from the comfort of your home.
  10. Repair: If you have repair skills in something specific (appliances, shoes, devices, cars, etc.), you can start your own repair business with which you can earn good money. You will only need the relevant tools to do your job.
  11. Childcare / Childcare: This is one of the most delicate enterprises of all, for which you will need all the necessary licenses, in addition to the vocation to work with children since they are often not easy to deal with.
  12. Sustainability consulting:  currently, many companies and organizations are aware of the impact they can have on the environment, which is why they are trying to be “greener,” but many do not know what measures to take, what actions to avoid, or they find themselves problematic that some measures are expensive when you make your intervention and help these companies that care about mother earth to improve their sustainability for a good price.

Leisure and entertainment

Do you like to make sure that people have a good time? We could give you the right startup ideas for you.

  1. Travel Planning: If you have an interest in tourism and your organizing skills are good, this may be a good option for you, and you can help make someone’s vacation much more relaxed and fun. It would be in your hands to take care of airline tickets, transportation, lodging, tours, activities, places that they should know, and restaurant options.
  2. Event planning: You do not need an agency to offer your services, you can do it from home and schedule appointments with your clients in a restaurant or a cafe. If organizing when having a good time is your thing, this could be the venture for you.
  3. Tourist guide: many foreign tourists prefer to know places in the company of a guide who helps them make the most of everything and teaches them things from someone who knows the place like the back of their hand. You can create complete itineraries for your clients, and the best thing is that you have the possibility of attending many at once.


Do you like teaching? Do you like the startup ideas of ​​educating others? These startup ideas may be the one for you.

  1. Tutoring: if you have a certain pedagogical vocation, and you master a subject enough to teach others about it, guide them in learning, tutoring is a good option for you. If you manage to gather enough pupils and organize your time (you could attend several simultaneously), you will have a good and comfortable source of income.
  2. Life Coach: If you have good skills and knowledge in the use of the mind, if you motivate others easily if you feel the need to help and encourage others, perhaps being a life coach is the ideal for you. As a life coach, you will motivate other people to go for what they want in their lives, you will guide them on the right path, and you will advise them when necessary. Also, many of these people will be entrepreneurs like you.
  3. Personal trainer: Are you a person who loves the fitness world? Is training your thing? If the answer is yes, why not take it to a new level and start your personal, professional trainer journey? You must first take the courses and receive the relevant certifications, and then you can help many people improve their health and lives.

Remember, entrepreneurship will require the maximum of yourself.

In all entrepreneurship, the first moments will not be easy, and you must stay focused on the goal and cling tightly to your motivation.

You must keep in mind that in all ventures, the first moments will not be easy, and you must stay focused on the goal and cling tightly to your motivation when you feel that you are losing it. If you start, it is for a better life, for you, for yours, and for those who can become your team.

If any of the startup ideas that we share with you fit your profile and what you want for your life, take that startup idea and delve into it, find out exactly what you should do and what you need to do everything right from the start.

Do not see it only as something you will do from home, from a computer or in your free time, project your thoughts and treat your venture as to how big it could be; this is just the beginning.

Thank you very much for reading, you can visit our Blog Section for more articles.



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