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Nasal Congestion: 4 Best Tips To Feel Better


If we have a cold or suffer from some allergy, one of the most frequent symptoms derived from both ailments is nasal congestion. It is an annoying sensation that occurs when we secrete an abnormal amount of mucus through the nose.

Nasal congestion is a very annoying ailment. And is that prevents us from breathing normally, especially at night? This is because of the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa increase in size. Therefore, inflammation on the inner area of ​​the nostrils makes us not breathe well.

To alleviate this feeling, nasal nebulizers or inhalers, like those you can buy online, are a good remedy to decrease congestion nasal locally and temporarily.

Are you tired of suffering from the discomfort caused by a stuffy nose from a cold or an allergy episode? Discover a few tips and tricks to prevent and relieve the discomfort caused by nasal congestion.

4 tricks that will help you relieve nasal congestion

Whatever its origin, whenever we suffer from nasal congestion, it is convenient to try to clear the nose so that the mucus does not affect the level of oxygen that has to reach our body.

In addition to resorting to different medications that provide a specific and local relief of nasal congestion, we can also resort to home remedies. We explain them below:

1. Use a humidifier

When we are congested, our nostrils are dry and need a good supply of moisture dose to be able to breathe through the nose.

For this reason, humidifiers are a very effective remedy to alleviate these discomforts caused by nasal congestion at the respiratory level, both in children and adults. Some humidifiers allow the use of mentholated essences, giving us a greater sense of well-being when breathing.

2. Resort to steam inhalations

Steam inhalations are a home remedy that helps clear the nostrils immediately.

This procedure has been used for centuries. It consists of boiling water in a pot to take advantage of the steam that it gives off after boiling to decongest the nose and the respiratory tract.

This remedy is usually very cash before going to sleep and thus achieve a good rest. If you are going to put this remedy into practice, you must first bear in mind that the heat is quite intense. Therefore, it is recommended that you cover your head with a cloth or towel before taking inhalations.

Once you have your head on top of the steamer, you should do slow, deep breaths while you rest after each inhalation to breathe fresh air.

3. Wash with saline solution

The seawater and the physiological serum sold in pharmacies are two ideal remedies to wash the nose and unclog nostrils that have become clogged with mucus.

You can squirt the serum under pressure directly into your nose with the help of a syringe, and once you apply it, you should blow your nose.

4. Eat foods rich in vitamin C

Foods rich in vitamin C are a good remedy for preventing colds and colds in winter or seasonal changes.

Besides vitamin C supplements that we can buy in pharmacies, we can also obtain vitamin C from some of the food that is part of our usual diet, such as kiwis, oranges, persimmons, and berries or lemon, among many others.

With these remedies and tips, you will be able to relieve nasal congestion and breathe better during that cold or allergy.

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