Know About The Most Relaxing Song Of All Time!

The Most Relaxing Song Of All Time

If you are looking for the perfect music to pack your dreams, you can start to rest. Researchers and scholars of Sound Therapy have already solved this mystery and discovered what can be considered the Most Relaxing Song of All Time.

According to them, the song deserving of that title of “Most Relaxing Song of All Time” is not very well known, but it is extremely pleasant. “Weightless”, by the English band Marconi Union, is 8 minutes long and has a continuous rhythm of 60 BPM, a frequency considered ideal for the synchronization of the heart with brain waves.

According to the experts, the feeling of relaxation only starts after 5 minutes, the time it takes for the heart to beat according to the rhythm of the music. The drop in heart rate that it provides, in turn, leads to lower blood pressure and makes people calmer.

Further research found that people listening to “Weightless” for 5 minutes straight begin feeling relief from stress after only three minutes of listening, which makes it an ideal song for those looking to relax anywhere. Those who have already listened suggest using headphones and playing at a moderate volume level for better results. They also recommend listening during the day because it has a very mild impact otherwise. After finding these results about “Weightless”, the scientists conclude that it is the most relaxing song of all time.


In addition, the song is composed of sounds from natural elements such as the fire crackling and the birds singing. These sounds are actually relaxing, but ever since people began to live in cities and stopped hearing them every day, the brain has begun to perceive them as disturbing noise.

The song was created with the collaboration of scientists who wanted to prove that music does not only influence our moods – it can even be used as medicine. But “Weightless” is appropriate for everyone; there are no lyrics or melodies that could make us sad. It is designed to help patients who suffer from anxiety or autism, although many adults also use it to reduce stress at work.

Those who have already tested it recommend listening to it at a moderate volume level and with headphones for better results. Thus, the next time you feel anxious, just listen to this song to relax. The scientists also suggest listening to it during the day, because this song has a very mild effect.


In addition, the gaps between the notes form perfect intervals to create a feeling of euphoria and comfort and, because it does not have any repeated melody, the music also allows the brain to shut itself off completely since the mind is no longer trying to predict what is coming next. The final element, which closes the song with another’s key and guarantees it the title of most relaxing, are the low sounds and humming sounds similar to Buddhist chants, which lead to a kind of trance makes this piece of music “Most Relaxing Song of All Time”


The most relaxing song of all time has been released and it’s perfect for those who need a break from the chaotic world. Developed by scientists, “Weightless” is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and blood pressure within minutes of listening without needing any effort on your part. You can find out more about this new release in our newsletter or website. Subscribe now!

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