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Mental Orgasm: What It Is And How To Get One? 2021

Do you know what a mental orgasm

Mental Orgasm: If you were attracted to this post by its title, know that this is not a trap to hook you. Cerebral orgasm exists, although it has a slightly more complicated name (ASMR – Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response). This phenomenon explains how the human brain uses all its senses to provide itself with moments of pleasure. Don’t you understand yet?

The brain orgasm is the same as the common one, which lasts from 2 to 5 seconds, but with the difference that it happens throughout the body. That’s right, you will not feel pleasure “just” in your sexual organ, but the sensation of relief provided will extend from head to toe.

Mental Orgasm- mongersmint
Mental Orgasm

Each person has an entrance to achieve this different feeling, and very few people have discovered theirs. For some individuals, auditory stimuli like a whisper at the right frequency at the ear can cause a kind of cerebral “ecstasy.” For others, sleeping on their backs for a long period of time, imagining an adventure scene in their head, or even having someone touch their hair lovingly can trigger ASMR.

But unlike sexual practice, it is impossible to become “addicted” to ASMR. This is because by being exposed to the trigger factor countless times, the stimulus loses its effect (because your brain gets used to it). For it to be stimulated again, you need to stay away from activity for a while.

And although there are many theories and academic research on the subject is multiplying in droves, science has not yet been able to define exactly what causes cognitive reactions.

Mental Orgasm- mongersmint
Mental Orgasm

Scientifically proven or not, some defend the practice with tooth and nail. Also, it costs nothing to anyone, and you can try it at home without any fear. If you want to venture through your “ASMRistist” origins, check out YouTube and forums specialized in the ad. There are already entire communities producing help material to make other people also reach cerebral orgasm.

So, have you ever felt anything like that? Do you believe that the human being can feel a generalized orgasm with simple stimuli?

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