Surprise! LaMarcus Aldridge announces retirement from NBA

Veteran NBA forward LaMarcus Aldridge announces retirement from the league after experiencing an irregular heartbeat during the Brooklyn Nets’ loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday.

Aldridge had played just five games with the Nets after the San Antonio Spurs bought him his contract to chase a Brooklyn championship.

He issued this statement on his Twitter account after his surprising announcement:

LaMarcus Aldridge announces retirement

The player has justified this shocking news as “heart problems” but has not specified the ailment he suffers.

“My last game, I played it while dealing with an irregular heartbeat. Later that rhythm got worse, which worried me even more. The next morning I told the team what was happening, and they took me to the hospital better; what I felt with my heart that night was one of the cruellest things I have ever experienced, “said the NBA star in his statement.

In the more than emotional statement that he has published on his social networks, he wanted to thank all the cities (and teams) he played during his 15 seasons in the NBA.

“You never know when something will end, so make sure you enjoy every day. I can truly say that I did exactly that,” Aldrige concluded his statement.

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