How do I start my own product development company? (2020)

How to start a product development company (2020): In this digital age of constant innovation and adaptation, all companies must incorporate and adapt to information technologies. Also, they must generate new strategies that adapt to the requirements and demands of customers. Within this dynamic, software product development companies and other companies are excellent organizers for all types of businesses.

To provide good service, it is essential to fully integrate into the digital marketplace, which means that your Product Development Company must have a well-organized business plan. This will help you plan the structure, objectives, and strategies so that all the information is organized, summarised, and transparent. 

At the same time, through its implementation, you will not only be able to leave all the details of your business and solve problems that may arise, but you will also add value to other people by showing them that your company makes sense.

Here are ten practical and straightforward steps to create an effective business plan:

Executive summary

Provide an overview of your business. Include a description of its structure, which makes it up, what type of software it sells, whom (here you can use the information you have on your ideal buyers), its budget, and its risks.


Define and detail what your goals are. Your plan would be best to consider the revenue needs, periods of high and low sales, profitability, and growth possibilities your company has during the business year. All the goals you set have to be realistic and achievable so that your team can achieve them.

Sales strategy

Come up with an effective strategy. Establish a plan that permits you to meet the objectives outlined in the previous point and helps you increase your sales. At this point, you must know your ideal buyers in-depth: their profile, tastes, needs, and demands to focus your strategy on who is going to consume your product.


Detail the characteristics and potential of your product. Describe your software and how it solves problems that your ideal customers may have. Also, you must know your competition well. Compare your software with other options on the market and explain how they differ and why they should choose yours.

Market analysis

Research the market in which your software will launch. Carrying out an adequate examination of your buyer personas and new trends in the industry will allow you to create or improve strategies that ensure you offer what is needed and that your marketing is focused on the right people.

 Marketing plan

Develop how you want to sell your software. The strategies you devise will have a lot of influence on the success or not of your company. We recommend you use an inbound methodology to educate, teach, help, and generate solutions. In this way, you will develop confidence in your customers, and you will accompany them through their entire purchase process without interrupting them with massive messages.


Include your budget. Every business plan must have a financial plan, so you must develop the finance model you need to start implementing your business. This should include the initial resources you need, projections, and an investment plan (if you are looking to attract investors).

Implementation of a CRM

Automate all the tasks of your teams. We recommend the HubSpot CRM, an easy-to-use tool that allows you to organize all the information you have about your customers so that you can entirely focus on your work. Also, it can be synchronized with other platforms, systems, or applications.

Contingency plan

Create a strategy for emergencies. You should have a perfect plan that includes alternative procedures that guarantee the continuity of your company’s operation in the face of any eventuality. It contains rules, policies, and necessary response actions to deal effectively and in an organized manner with any situation threatening your company’s correct performance. This is an essential plan you should consider in a product development company.

Control and monitoring

Always monitor your plan. Specify all the required metrics you will use to measure your software company’s business plan’s continuity and proper realization. In this way, once you define that metric, your employees will know your company’s success depends on from the beginning.

In conclusion, we offer you the ten steps to create your business plan and start a product development company? You must make the most of this digital age that significantly favors the software industry. Go ahead, get organized, and focus on creating your business plan so that later you can fully devote yourself to your work, having everything planned and organized. 

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