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Facts About The FIFA World Cup

Facts About The FIFA World Cup 2021

Curious facts about the FIFA World Cup, the truth is that the World Cups are much more than simple meetings of national teams in search of another star in the country’s official football shirt. These World Cups, which were born in 1930 in Uruguay, still represent the players, personal achievements and a beautiful “retouch” in the patriotism of the fans.

Another interesting fact about the World Cups is that the events have their own numbers, records, and curiosities. As we are experiencing the development of yet another of these events, this time in Brazil, the Unknown Facts decided to share some fascinating information with you, which you may not yet know about the world cup.

Facts About The FIFA World Cup- mongersmint
Facts About The FIFA World Cup

Follow All 8 Facts About The FIFA World Cup:

1. In the 1950 World Cup, the game between Brazil and Uruguay had the largest audience ever recorded. In total, 199,854 people watched the exciting match, which ended with the Uruguayan team’s victory.

2. Four years later, the biggest event in the world of football was marked by the achievement of another record: the highest average of goals per match. On average, 5.4 goals were scored.

3. In 1982, at the event in Spain, the biggest defeat in history took place: Hungary thrashed the El Salvador team with a 10 to 1 difference, thrilling football lovers worldwide.

4. When it comes to protecting the goal from attacks by opposing teams, goalkeeper Walter Zenga is the best world brand owner. He ensured that Italy’s team would stay for 517 minutes without conceding a goal.

5. When the United States hosted the 1994 World Cup, the game between Russia and Cameroon was in history due to the participation of the oldest player inactivity: at 42, striker Roger Milla scored a goal for the Cameroonian team and became the main attraction of the first phase of the competition.

6. In 2002, Brazil set a new world record by winning the seven games in which it participated.

7. Still, in 2002, the World Cup was marked by the fastest goal in the history of the world championships. The great performer of the feat was Turkish player Hakan Shakur, who scored the goal 11 seconds after the match between Turkey and South Korea.

8. The holder of the greatest number of goals in the World Cup editions is the Brazilian Ronaldo (Phenomenon), who contributed 15 successful offensives to the opposing goals.

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