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Emily Ratajkowski (29) Reacted To Rumors That She Enlarged Her Lips During Pregnancy

Emily Ratajkowski Responded To Rumors That She Enlarged Her Lips During Pregnancy

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The 29-year-old model Emily Ratajkowski boasts plump lips, but the model has gotten even bigger lately. This gave rise to rumors that Raczkowski, who is now expecting a baby, enlarged them with injections.

However, the star denied these rumors, stating on her Instagram that she never enlarged her lips. But at the same time, Emily noted that she does not condemn the people who did it.

Emily Ratajkowski Responded To Rumors That She Enlarged Her Lips During Pregnancy- mongersmint

Pregnant women shouldn’t even be given injections. The volume of blood in women increases by 50%, so their face and lips may swell a little during pregnancy, She explained.

Emily added that although a woman’s body has changed a lot over the course of several months, she is grateful for what it can now do and for its beauty.

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The star Emily Ratajkowski is now about 33 weeks pregnant. She spoke about her interesting situation in October. The model is expecting a child from her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard. The couple does not disclose the sex of the baby. According to the star, pregnancy is very fast and, judging by the active lifestyle, easy.

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