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E5 Electric Tanker: First Fully Electric Tanker Truck Built In Japan

E5 Electric Tanker: A new ship powered only by lithium-ion batteries is under construction in Japan. Approximately 60 meters long, it will be the first of its kind to be fully electric. They expect him to cross Tokyo Bay next year.

After the electrification of cars and attempts on planes, the shipping industry seems to be next. Shipbuilders are looking for ways to electrify their ships, regardless of their size. The e5 tanker will be the first of its size to do so.

E5 Electric Tanker An electric boat to transport oil

Ironic or not, the e5 electric tanker’s purpose is to transport precisely what it is leaking from. The e5 will be operated by Asahi Tanker, a company that provides fuel to refuel other cargo ships’ tanks in Tokyo Bay. The e5, however, while it will be filled with fuel, will not use it to move around.

Instead of fuel, the e5 has a series of lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 3.5 MWh. According to Corvus Energy (the company that supplies the battery), this is the approximate size of 40 batteries in a You’re here Model S. The boat can therefore be powered for “several hours” before having to recharge again. Of course, it does not indicate the loading time it has.

Corvus Energy has some experience in this field. In recent years it has installed batteries in dozens of ships around the world. They have notably seen their lucrative activity in the Norwegian fjords, where tourist boats are subject to severe restrictions in terms of CO2 emissions into the environment. Therefore, we have already seen attempts previously here.

The e5 electric tanker is the first offshore oil tanker to be fully electrified and therefore have no emissions. If all goes according to plan, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more electrified tankers in the future. The e5 can be a demonstration of the viability of this technology on ships of this caliber. Now we need to see it in operation first.

Anyway, and despite its size, not the biggest electric boat in the world. Corvus Energy is preparing a 10 MWh battery for the cruise ship AIDAPerla, which is expected to carry some 3,300 passengers. The Yara Birkeland is another 80-meter-long container ship and is expected to be completed this year with its 9 MWh battery.

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