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Better Photos With Apple Cheese-Memoji?

Apple Cheese-Memoji

Apple wants to make photography on their iPhones even better for everyone involved. An Apple Cheese-Memoji would be used for this. At least one strange patent that has now surfaced speaks of it.

Apple tries to provide the most natural operation of the camera app on the iPhone, which makes photography particularly easy and provides impressive results. While goals, interface, and algorithms can be improved, the idiosyncrasies of people can be less influenced. A newly released patent aims to change that and use an animated emoji to grab attention or, say, elicit a smile.

iPhone with a second screen: Memoji makes you laugh

The patent viewed in the US Patent and Trademark Office by AppleInsider describes a feature that uses a second screen and an additional camera. So, a Memoji character with the user’s facial expression should be transferred to a screen on the back of the smartphone, which is visible to others. The photographer’s animated Memoji version should then serve as a stimulus for a smile or to grab the attention of the person posing. Especially with children, this should be more useful and perhaps more effective than “Cheese!” Strong! be.

Another hypothesis in the report is that the created Memoji avatar also works automatically with various stimuli and sounds triggered by a viewfinder scan. If an ideal moment is captured, it could react to it and trigger recording at the same time.

Mi 11 Ultra model: iPhone 14 with a rear screen?

While the patent points to an upcoming iPhone with two screens, it is not yet clear when and in what form this second screen could be integrated into Apple’s smartphone.

Although rumors of a foldable iPhone continue to crop up, a small screen in the rear camera element is more likely. A current leak on the Mi 11 Ultra’s camera shows that this implementation is not overdone. Xiaomi is already leading the way and installing a screen in a huge camera bump.

Better Photos With Apple Cheese-Memoji?- mongersmint
Apple Cheese-Memoji

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