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Best Christmas Movies For Kids (2021)

Best Christmas Movies For Kids

December puts an end to a tough year for the seventh art and leisure in general, but cinema resists, and this Christmas, we have many options to fill the rooms and show how much we love to watch a movie on the big screen. Comedies, great heroines, a bit of history and a lot of animation come to make the holidays happy, don’t miss them!

1. Once upon a time

Brenda Chapman, an expert director in family cinema with films such as The Prince of Egypt or Brave, gets behind the scenes in this magic and fantasy film starring Oscar winner Angelina Jolie. It tells a fascinating story about two of the best-known and most beloved protagonists in children’s literature: What if Lewis Carroll’s Alice and JM Barrie’s Peter were brothers? Recommended age: +7 years

2. At war with my grandfather

Young Peter is compelled to leave his room when his recently widowed grandpa Ed (Robert De Niro) moves into their house. With his friends’ help, Peter declares war on his grandfather to make him leave the room, but Ed is stubborn and will not make it easy for him. Recommended age: +8 years

3. The Dragon Rider

An animated adaptation of the German writer Cornelia Funke’s homonymous novel reached number one on the best sellers for children from the prestigious New York Times newspaper, where he stayed 78 weeks. The feature film tells Firedrake’s adventures, a young silver dragon tired of hiding in the forest and going on an epic adventure to safeguard his species. Recommended age: +7 years

4. Madam Curie

At the end of the 19th hundred, Marie Sklodowska is a scientist who must battle against society to bring out her study. After joining forces with Pierre Curie and winning the Nobel Prize for their radioactivity studies, the couple became the center of international attention.

However, after a tragic accident, Marie must continue to advance alone in her work and face her discoveries’ transformative effects. Starring Oscar nominee Rosamund Pike and directed by Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis), this British film is about the important scientist Marie Curie’s life. This movie will give you a good insight into science, and hence we recommend this movie as the best Christmas movies for kids. Recommended age: +13 years

5. Free guy

In this comedy starring Ryan Reynolds, a bank teller discovers that he is actually a minor character in the open-world video game Free City. He will choose to become the hero of his own story that he is progressing to rewrite himself. In a world where there are no limits, he sets out to be the man who saves his world in his own way before it’s too late. We recommend this movie as the best Christmas movie for kids. Recommended age: +10 years

6. The Glories

Julie Taymor, a director with an unmistakable cinematic style, goes behind the scenes to adapt Gloria Steinem’s autobiography starring Oscar-winning actresses Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander for the big screen. The film tells the gripping story of journalist, activist, and feminist Gloria Steinem and her influential journey from her youth years in India to become an indispensable role in the women’s rights movement in the 1960s and the historic Conference National of Women in 1977. This is one of the recommended best Christmas movies for kids. Recommended age: +13 years

7. Wonder Woman 1984

In her new cinematic adventure, Wonder Woman takes a great leap into the future and lands in the 80s, where she will have to face new enemies. He will befriend Barbara Ann Minerva, an archaeologist working for Max Lord, a megalomaniac hell-bent on collecting ancient artifacts in the belief that they will make him as powerful as a God. When Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) surprisingly and unexpectedly returns to living, Diana must face Minerva, who has become the dangerous villain Cheetah after selling her soul to a powerful deity. This is a fascinating movie and must watch in the series of Best Christmas Movies For Kids.

Premiere: December 25 – Recommended age: +7 years

8. The Croods A new age

Forced to leave searching for a new place to live, the first prehistoric family explores the world to find a safer home. But when they find an idyllic walled paradise that they think has solved all their problems, they find that there is another family that already lives there, the Masmejor. With their extravagant treehouse, marvelous discoveries, and huge orchards, they are one step leading to the evolutionary ladder. Tensions quickly emerge between them, but when all seems lost, a new threat embarks the two families on an epic adventure that will force them to put their differences aside, join forces and fight for a future together.

Premiere: December 23 – Recommended age: +7 years.

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