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Apple Siri Gets Smarter And Emojis Become Memojis 2021

Apple Siri Gets Smarter

There are more and more: Apple has again incorporated some innovations in the beta version of iOS 14.5. You can expect extensive shortcuts and lots of revised and new emoticons.

Apple Siri Gets Smarter: In the latest version of test iOS 14.5, developers have taken care of the shortcuts, reports 9to5Mac. You can also use the shortcuts to take a screenshot or turn the orientation lock on or off in the future. If you have an iPhone 12, you can quickly switch between LTE and 5G. The current generation of the iPhone is the first to support the new cellular standard.

Emojis: vaccination syringe and burning hearts

So far, the current beta is only available for developers. As usual, the public version should follow shortly and contain 217 new emojis. Most of the small images are variations of existing emoticons, including different skin colors for couples:

Other emojis have a new design, like the syringe and headphones. In the future, these will look like AirPods Max. But there are also completely new emojis, for example, a heart on fire, women with beards, a face in the clouds, and an expiring emoji.

Siri can handle new FaceTime calls.

You can also expect improvements with Siri. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now start group calls on FaceTime with multiple contacts or entire groups. Lyrics are sharing in Apple Music. You share song texts with friends via services such as SMS or Facebook. The haptic feedback from MagSafe also seems to be gone.

The next Apple update will be relatively big. Part of iOS 14.5 should also be a feature with which you can unlock your iPhone via Face ID, even if you are wearing mouth and nose protection. The update is also making life easier for Spotify fans. Apple Siri Gets Smarter.

When you can use the new features of the stable version is currently not known. A release at the end of February is possible. But it is also possible that the developers remove some functions and retain them for a later update.

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