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Animated Text In Instagram Stories Has Arrived 2021

Animated Text In Instagram Stories

In recent days, in the stories of Instagram, a novelty began to spread: the animated text or legend in motion. This particular version of the regular overlay text transforms over the course of the video, making it more interesting for viewers. Instagram announced its arrival last week, but it’s only recently that influencers and other users are learning how to use this new tool to express themselves within the social network section dedicated to ephemeral content.

What is animated text in Instagram stories?

Animated text in Instagram stories works as an additional attribute attributed to the standard overlay text in social media stories. The fonts available in this section do not change. A new dedicated key feature will allow you to transform written text from static to animated. A different type of animation characterizes each font, and once you confirm the choice to animate it, you can preview the written text’s behavior.

How to add animated text in Instagram stories

To add animated text to a news story, you go first to write, usually in a story. The new functionality can be used either by adding a caption to media content or creating an entirely text-based story. The button to transform the standard static text into animated text is among the tools dedicated to writing and is the last one on the right, marked with an inclined letter A. Pressing the key immediately animates the written text with the style corresponding to the chosen font; changing the font changes the animation style. For example, the typed text will appear sequentially, while neon text will glow in a soft luminescence.

The text can then be positioned as desired on the screen, choosing the color as usual. Press the End key to save the changes and go to the next step, i.e., publish the content.

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