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5 Foods That Relieve Constipation And Slow Down Intestinal Transit

Foods That Relieve Constipation

Relieve Constipation: Constipation It is one of those gastrointestinal disorders that we have all suffered at some time, even becoming chronic in some cases. It is clear that a diet rich in fiber, hydrating well, and exercising regularly helps improve these types of problems and that it is necessary to know well how we eat to avoid all those astringent foods that make them worse.

In this article, we have collected the 5 foods that constipate and slow down intestinal transit and that we must eliminate or reduce in our daily diet if we do not go to the bathroom regularly. Take notes and learn to eat well, so you don’t have to suffer such annoying side effects!

What is constipation?

Constipation is a gastrointestinal condition that consists of a slowing down of gastrointestinal transit. That can cause our bowel movements to be reduced to less than three per week and that they are hard, dry, and painful. The sensation is usually constant abdominal swelling, in addition to pain in this area and nearby, such as the hips and chest.

Often constipation is only an episode, and as soon as the cause is detected and a remedy is applied, it disappears. Other times it is constipation associated with certain moments such as pregnancy, while traveling, in the moments after surgery, taking medications such as pain relievers or antidepressants, etc., and may even be chronic constipation if this situation continues a long time. This last type of constipation is suffered by around 15% of the population, being more frequent in women and adults over 65.

5 foods that can cause constipation

Many foods cause Relieve Constipation, making the digestions are slower and intestinal transit is more difficult. These include pectins and tannins, Besides caffeine, alcohol, fatty foods, industrial pastries, and refined cereals rich in starch. Thus, among the foods that constipate and slow down this transit stand out:

1. The banana

Banana benefits to Relieve Constipation- mongersmint
Banana benefits to Relieve Constipation

This is one of the foods rich in tannins that we should avoid if we suffer from constipation. While highly recommended for having potassium and being the most nutritious, it is better to consume it ripe. If it is green, digestions become more difficult, slowing down and causing constipation. That is why it is recommended to eat it alone, chewing it very well and without combining it with acidic fruits since these make it difficult to digest the starch and sugars of the banana.

2. The apple

apple properties to Relieve Constipation- mongersmint
apple properties to Relieve Constipation image from Shutterstock

The Apple peeled, grated, or in compote has a large number of tannins, being more astringent. However, If we consume it raw and with the skin on, it is usually a very effective treatment to treat Relieve Constipation. It contains insoluble fiber and helps intestinal transit. In general, in one way or another, the apple is ideal for regulating the intestine, and you can use it to regulate your intestinal transit and take care of your health.

3. The carrot

Eat Carrot to Relieve Constipation- mongersmint
Eat Carrot to Relieve Constipation

Like the apple, the effects of carrot’s intestinal function vary depending on whether it is eaten raw or cooked. If eaten cooked, the carrot becomes richer in pectins and becomes astringent. Nevertheless, If you consume it raw, it will favor intestinal transit as it is high in fiber insoluble. That is why if you have constipation problems, it will be better to eat it raw and thus take advantage of all its properties for the eyes, the skin, or the immune system.

4. White bread

less fattening bread to Relieve Constipation- mongersmint
Eat less fattening bread to Relieve Constipation

White bread, refined cereals, and foods made with white flour are high in starches and low in fiber, a combination that causes constipation and stomach problems by slowing down the bowel movement. To avoid these types of consequences, it is better to opt for whole wheat, rye, or cereal bread.

5. White rice

Eat White Rice to Relieve Constipation- mongersmint
Eat White Rice to Relieve Constipation

This type of rice is rich in starch, characteristics that make it astringent and inadvisable to combat constipation.

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