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20 Best websites for Blogging (2020)

20 Best websites for Blogging (2020): Are you thinking of starting a blog and want to know how to blog or which platform would be right for you to create a blog?

 To create websites and blogs, there are a variety of platforms available on the Web. Apart from this, your budget also decides on which platform you should start blogging. You can choose which blogging websites will be right for you after reading this article, this the complete list of 20 Best Websites For Blogging (2020).

 1. Blogger / Blogspot

Blogspot - Mongersmint


Blogger, formerly known as BlogSpot, is a blogging platform powered by Google to create an excellent blog. Blogspot platform is suitable for both amateur and professional bloggers, although in most cases, it is used by hobbyists as you cannot use it very much.

2. HubSpot

Hubspot- mongersmint


This is the choice for marketers and those looking for strategic growth. It has a specialised service and all-in-one solutions: analytical tools, automation, SEO functions, and calls to action are integrated without loss of time. It has the functions that a company needs to attract users and convert them into customers through optimisation. Its level of effectiveness is based on the formation of content strategies for sustainable traffic. Once you create new posts, you also have access to their analysis and promotion. It offers precise and systematic information that you can take advantage of so that your blog grows in record time, especially when compared with other options where you have to try different plugins that are, usually, less powerful.

3. mongersmint is a Content Management System created by Automatic Inc. on which you can create many different types of websites, of which blog is also one. It is open-source; that is, you can also help in improving the code of WordPress. is suitable for creating all types of websites. Whether you want to create a blog, create a Downloading Site, or a Product & Service Site; This platform will prove beneficial for you in every way.

4. mongersmint, same as, has a blogging platform on which we can create our blog. The only difference between this and is that the organ is self-hosted, which means you have to take your hosting while you host your website on the WordPress server.


wix- mongersmint


Wix is a Drag – & – Drop website builder tool with which you can create great-looking websites. In Wix, you can create a website for free, and later you can also upgrade your plan according to your need.

 6. Tumblr

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


The platforms that we have discussed so far are slightly different from Tumblr. This website is a blogging social media on which you say your thing through blogs. Tumblr has blogs of celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. Tumblr does not have its independent website, but instead, you have an account with which you can write a blog. On Tumblr, you can create a blog for free, although it also has many paid things.

7. Joomla

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020) 

Joomla is a self-hosted CMS platform similar to, in which you have to host the website with your hosting. Joomla is an open-source platform and written in PHP. More than 1.6 million websites created in the world through this platform. It is free but hosting, and domain names have to be purchased separately. It is a kind of drag-and-drop website building platform specially designed for business owners who want to enter their online presence.

8. Ghost

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


GHOST is a platform in which you can focus on just writing. It is entirely dedicated to writers. It is free. However, in the self-hosted version, you need your hosting. The ghost platform is useful for bloggers who want to focus their attention only on writing.


20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


Medium is a good platform for writers, on which you can reach thousands of people by writing your articles. The world’s best articles are founded on this. Here you can also earn money by writing articles through the “Medium Partners Program. Medium is free for writers. However, for readers, it is paid after a monthly limit. Medium is useful for writers who want to spread their articles to thousands of people without doing SEO. On medium, you can write in any language.

10. SimpleSite

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


SimpleSite is a Denmark based website builder platform with the help of building a small and simple personal blog. Free as well as paid plans are also available. It does not require technical knowledge. 


20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


Quora is a question and answer site, we all know this, but we can also write a blog, not many people know this. There is also an option of a blog inside Quora. With the help of that option, we will be able to write a blog. Quora is entirely free. Quora is a good platform for amateur writers.

12. Google Sites

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


Google Sites is a free platform provided by Google with the help of which you can enter any information into Google. Google Sites is an open platform. Google Sites is a good platform for those who want to put any information on Google.


20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


Penzu is an excellent platform for its versatility. There are three different types of journalism that you can opt for when you register on the platform: Daily (public), Expressive Journal (private), Travel Journal (perfect if you are going on a trip). You can also try the site before registering.

14. Gator Website Builder

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)

Gator Website Builder is another blogging platform of our 20 Best Websites For Blogging (2020) created by HostGator, one of the world’s most extensive hosting services. Gator Website Builder website builder is easy to use, which makes it best for novice bloggers.

 Gator Website Builder has a significant drag and drop builder that you can use to create any blog or website you like. 

15. Drupal

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)

Drupal is an excellent option for business associate blogging because it’s not just a blogging platform but also a complete content management system. This means that along with the blog, web pages, and other online content can be created and organised.

 Drupal does not host blogs for users, so bloggers will need to create their host somewhere else. Drupal isn’t even an easily suited platform to beginners, so it’s better for anyone switching from a free blogging platform than the blogger just starting.

16. Site 123

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


Free, flexible, responsive, and multifunctional, can you ask for more? Oh yeah! You don’t need experience in programming or web design, either. Its interface is entirely intuitive, so starting to optimise your blog will be very simple.

 Its advantage is that if you want more benefits, such as your domain and more storage, you can switch anytime to a paid plan when you decide to do so.

17. Webnode

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


Here is another blogging site named Webnode, since its inception in 2008, it already has more than 30 million users who support its proper functioning. The platform offers a great diversity of design templates that you can adapt to your site’s image.


20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)

LiveJournal platform was one of the first online blogging platforms on the Internet. Now, this platform is owned by SUP Media, a Russian media company. is a mix between a microblogging platform and a social network.

19. Jimdo

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)


As pointed out in our full review from its site builder, it bases the strength in ease of use. The same goes for his blog, even if it’s not as comprehensive as his rivals, Wix and Weebly.

20. SiteW

20 Best Website For Blogging (2020)

Create your blog quickly and easily. It has a free version with the opportunity to switch to one of its subscription plans: Premium and Pro. Its intuitive design is perfect for those who do not have technological skills.

 It follows the trends in web pages of responsive design and the drag-drop technique, so its optimisation and visualisation are guaranteed.

 This is the list of  20 Best Websites for Blogging (2020), which of these platforms will be right for you? It depends entirely on your needs. If you are looking for blogging as an amateur, you will need a different platform; if you are thinking of blogging to earn money, that is your objective for professional blogging, then for this, you will need the other platform.

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