About Us

Mongersmint informs, surprises, and makes our readers smile one article at a time from our head office in India, in the province of Allahabad.  Mongersmint was born in March 2020, just after the lockdown – a project created to awaken emotions and reactions and connect with millions of people through advice, fashion, curiosities, and inspiring stories, among others, all to contribute to the cultural development of our society. 

More than a blog, Mongersmint is a community in which the influence of each follower is undeniable. Each of the comments, experiences, and even the jokes are a vital part of this portal with the conviction of becoming the number one blog in India.  But the key to success is not only in a quick visit: the secret lies in the love and passion embodied in each content, thinking of those who have made Mongersmint become a great community together with us.

Thanks for being with us!

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