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What Is QLED Technology? And What Is It For? 2021

What Is QLED Technology?

QLED technology serves to offer very high-quality panels, almost comparable to OLED technology. Still, with a lower price in this way, we will have an excellent image quality with perfect colors, blacks, or dark scenes very close to OLED quality, but with a fantastic price, without having to spend much more on a television or monitor with an OLED panel.

QLED technology allows us to obtain in the panels that use this technology authentic colors thanks to quantum dot technology. With this technology, we can represent a wider range of shades of each color. These color changes are made with a swift response to obtain many shades of the red color for greater precision in the representation of colors. QLED panels can represent a broader spectrum in DCI-P3 or NTSC than other meetings with LCD technology.

Brighter colors are also achieved this. In scenes where brightness and luminosity are important, we will achieve much lighter and brighter colors when necessary. Just as, just the opposite, darker colors can be found within the same color range. Because dark and bright scenes can be broadly rendered, it is recognized as high dynamic range or HDR from its acronym in English, specifying that the image quality is excellent in scenes with many and/or low light. A clear example is the new Samsung QLED TV with 8K Resolution Unveiled at CES2020.

Despite the wonderful image quality, brightness, and other advantages that QLED technology panels offer us, These still light up like a regular LED TV, Although they have come a long way. The lighting is much better. They always depend on a panel of LEDs to illuminate the colored emitting diodes. In QLEDs, it is usually placed behind for better control of the lit or switched zones. However, a significant effect is achieved. It is almost impossible to achieve scenes or a black color equal to OLED.

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