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‘Bowser’s Fury’ Is More Than Just A Bonus In Nintendo’s Latest Release 2021

‘Bowser’s Fury’ Is More Than Just A Bonus From Nintendo

‘Bowser’s Fury’: There were a few things about “Super Mario 3D World” for Nintendo Switch that we all took for granted (and that have been fulfilled). The first and most obvious, that the game originally appeared on Wii U eight years ago had lost none of its freshness or strength. It would help if you played the first few bars, go through a few levels to verify that this is the case. The Switch also injects extra speed into the action, which weirdly suits the set very well.

This particular experience was part of ‘Super Mario’ eternal flirtations with the mechanics of the genre (the ‘Mario’ genre, that is), and which led us to experiments with gravity and spaces of ‘Super Mario.’ Mario “Galaxy,” my personal favorites, or the difficult way to create open spaces from tiny, almost claustrophobic environments, from “Odyssey.” “Super Mario 3D World” managed to merge classic 2D titles with 3D mechanics (and a cat that let you explore vertically, kidding with that).

As a sort of repeat of the last ‘Odyssey,’ the ‘Super Mario 3D World’ on Wii U too, We were playing to create an expansive world from mini-levels or tests, yes, open and from which you could enter and exit at will. Each of these smaller levels functions as independent tests in which to hunt other characters or explore in-depth. And to that are added the specific levels of Captain Toad, type puzzle.

In reality, few compliments can be leveled at ‘Super Mario 3D World’ that are not extensions of what has already been saying about the Wii U version. However, the passage of time makes us verify something: the soft but vibrant colors, character designs, and settings absolutely unrelated to a temporary fashion make this game visually comparable to a current game. Nintendo is often accused of living in isolation in a bubble, but it’s in games like this eight years later that this Politics makes sense.

But also, this time we have an extra.

Bowser’s Fury: A Titan’s Fury

“Bowser’s Fury,” apparently, is an addition to the main game (the new take on the Wii U classic) with no other news than Mario’s quintessential enemy showdown/rescue storyline. A curious, cyclic mechanics of light and dark would wink a mustache at the temporary springs of a Zelda.

However, we must not forget that no matter how long the original game “Bowser’s Fury,” eight years have passed. This game takes this advantage into account and, for example, allows the player to move the camera freely. Such a simple design decision is already one more step in a land Mario unexplored: 2D tunes in many ways, worlds open to others.

The game takes a few steps beyond the concept of its predecessor and packmate, and here, as always, you have to collect coins to open up new areas. But in this case, we are in an archipelago, and each island is resolved in a way: exploration, combat, obstacles against the clock, chases, puzzles. In other words, Mario’s world, almost like a summary of decades of playable career, is on this occasion both the freest and the most closed in its history. Concise evidence and, hand in hand, pure freedom.

The clashes with Bowser open a playable path little explored by Nintendo in general and “Super Mario” in particular: the bosses. Encounters with the Dark Bowser (often with no other possible strategy than to flee from him) are not the culmination of a level, as usually happens, but the formidable kaiju ladder under which they unfold (another novelty) opens up new secrets and hidden paths with the impacts of projectiles. In other words, these fights (and their prologues without the option of a Mario response) are more strategic than they appear at first glance.

It is clear that “Bowser’s Fury” is more than just a game of gifts with another main one, although, by duration (one-third of the usual in Marios, which is enough), it is clear that it is appropriate fine as a monumental gift. What it is, without a doubt, is an outpost of what’s to come, even if not in the form of a Giant Bowser: is the promise that Mario can continue to mutate endlessly, not to repeat himself but, at the same time, without ceasing to be true to himself.

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